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How to Create a Realistic AI Influencer and Make Money

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 28, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

The emergence of lifelike AI influencer transforms how brands interact with customers in today's digital world. These virtual characters are created by fusing creativity and technology to produce captivating interactions that appeal to viewers. AI influencers use authentic dialogues and information to foster trust.

AI influencers can reach various audiences at a reasonable cost because they are scalable and reliable. As the digital era develops, becoming an expert in producing and monetizing Artificial influencers is crucial to succeeding in online business.

ai influencer

Want to explore more? Let's discover the complete details about creating realistic AI influencers and making money in 2024!

In this article

Part 1: What is an Al influencer?

An AI generated influencer is a virtual character that is produced by utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology. It mimics human behavior and characteristics to engage with audiences on social media platforms. These AI influencers interact with followers, share content, and promote products or services like human influencers. They may also participate in marketing campaigns, endorse brands, and generate revenue through partnerships and sponsored content. The primary function of an affable influencer is to build connections with users, influence their purchasing decisions, and enhance brand awareness in the digital space.

Part 2 How to Create a Realistic Al Influencer?

Discover the transformative power of Virbo in revolutionizing your social media presence with realistic AI influencers. Wondershare Virbo provides an easy-to-use platform for creating AI avatar videos that capture viewers and set your content apart. You may easily create captivating movies that are suited to your industry and target audience with the help of an extensive collection of video templates and AI avatars.

With studio-caliber voiceovers in various languages and dialects, professional text-to-speech technology may enhance your content. Take advantage of a wide selection of royalty-free stock music to improve your multimedia productions. With Virbo, unleash the potential of AI to create compelling, authentic interactions that resonate with your followers and drive engagement on social media via AI social media influencer.

Key Features:

  • Access an expanding collection of fonts, images, and shapes for diverse creative possibilities.
  • Seamlessly combine multiple scenes to create polished presentations, similar to crafting slideshows effortlessly.
  • Download high-quality videos in sharp Full HD as MP4 or WebM files for optimal viewing experiences.
  • Efficiently translate text across various languages, ensuring effective communication in global video creation endeavors.
  • Effortlessly convert written content into engaging videos, simplifying the process of captivating your audience effectively.
  • Elevate storytelling by adding human voices to photos, effortlessly bringing images to life for enhanced engagement.

Are you excited to try it out? Visit Wondershare Virbo today and start creating realistic AI influencers today!

Now, let's have a detailed look at the steps for how to create an AI influencer:

Step 1: Access Virbo and initiate the creation process by selecting "Create AI Avatar Video" from the menu options.

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select create ai avatar video

Step 2: Opt for Portrait mode from the available choices to begin crafting your AI avatar video.

choose portrait mode

Step 3: Navigate to the sidebar and select Avatar background and templates to customize the visual aspects of your video.

choose an avatar

Step 4: Write your script to tailor the dialogue of your AI avatar, or you can use AI Script to generate your script, then click "Apply" to incorporate it into the video.

click apply
upload audio

Step 5: Choose your preferred voiceover language and confirm your selection by clicking "OK" to enhance your video with audio.

select voiceover

Step 6: Finalize your creation by exporting the video; click "Export" and patiently await the completion of the process.

export the video

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Part 3: How To Earn Money With Al Influencers?

Now, after learning the detailed method, let's explore how an Al social media influencer makes money on social media.

Sponsored Posts— Partnerships with major brands via sponsored posts offer AI influencers significant exposure and substantial earnings. With increasing online content consumption, AI influencers are venturing into mainstream film, TV, and music collaborations. You can utilize Virbo's AI Avatar Videos to unlock the possibility for profitable partnerships as AI influencers become more smoothly integrated into popular entertainment.

Affiliate Marketing— AI influencers make money using their influence through affiliate marketing by recommending goods and services and receiving a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate links. Get your hands on Virbo's AI Script Generators to create an engaging product review or affiliate post content to increase conversions and passive income.

Ads Revenue/Brand Campaigns—Virtual influencers have a great chance to make a significant income by appearing in advertising campaigns or utilizing platforms like YouTube to promote products. You can tailor-made Virbo's AI Avatar videos with customized voiceovers, background music, and advertisement templates to the brand's choice to run campaigns and earn money.

Content Licensing— AI influencers who create original content have a source of income due to content licensing. For a price, they can grant licenses to other platforms, media outlets, or businesses for their works of art—whether they are pictures, films, or AI-generated artwork. You can even create your own ad script with Virbo's AI Script Generator and convert it into speech via Virbo's AI Text-to-Speech feature to increase earning potential without giving up ownership of creations.

Participation in Virtual Events and Conferences— A significant development in digital marketing and engagement techniques is the involvement of AI influencers in virtual conferences and events round the globe. You can utilize Virbo's AI Video Translation to translate your AI videos into multiple languages to attract audiences to virtual gatherings from different countries.


In conclusion, developing a lifelike AI influencer and making money from it in 2024 would need a combination of technological know-how and creativity. Virbo is a helpful application that provides an easy-to-use platform with various functions, including text-to-speech, storyboard editing, and AI avatars.

AI influencers offer fascinating chances for companies to engage with customers genuinely and increase sales as the field of digital marketing develops. Through Virbo and other platforms, people and companies can capitalize on this trend by producing engaging content that connects with followers and opens up new revenue opportunities in the ever-changing social media landscape.

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  • How many Al influencers are on Instagram?
    Estimations indicate that there are more than 150 AI influencers on Instagram, showcasing the growing prevalence of AI-driven personas on the platform.
  • Can Al replace influencers?
    While AI can complement influencers by automating tasks, it can only partially replace human creativity, authenticity, and personal connections crucial for influencer marketing success.
  • What is the future of Al influencers?
    The future of AI influencers holds promise, with advancements in technology enhancing their capabilities to engage audiences authentically and drive innovative marketing strategies.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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