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Overdub Voice With AI: Virbo At Its Finest

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Recently, AI overdub voice cloning technology has significantly impacted the entertainment industry. Voice cloning technology is used for content creation and professional voiceovers. After the integration, overdubbing becomes a tool to streamline the work of professionals. Also, you can use this overdubbing technology to create voiceovers for advertisements or presentations. This article is about the different methods and tools used to overdub voice using AI technology.

In this article
  1. Featured Overdub Voice with AI Using Wondershare Virbo
  2. Overdub With Descript: Another Platform To Offer Voice Cloning
  3. Online Solutions to Overdub Voice With Professionalism

Part 1: Featured Overdub Voice with AI Using Wondershare Virbo

Many tools offer a cost-effective solution to overdub AI voice with the latest technology. One is Wondershare Virbo, which provides a unique and simple procedure for providing AI voice services. This tool offers online and offline solutions to overdub voices with the integration of AI. The overdub feature of Virbo allows users to generate AI voice from text.

It provides you the flexibility to choose the gender of created AI voices. Furthermore, you can choose the language and accent while generating AI voices. All this diversity makes this tool valuable for your audio recording purposes. Users can get ultra-realistic voice cloning with the AI technology of the tool.

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01 Key Features Marking Wondershare Virbo’s Greatness

  1. AI Avatar: Virbo offers the AI Avatar feature to give a human touch to your video. With the help of these AI avatar videos, you can engage with your audience better. It provides diversity through 300+ real human avatars in multiple languages and voices.
  2. AI Script Generator: The tool is empowered by AI technology to generate the script according to your needs. This AI script generator feature saves time and effort and creates the script effortlessly. A cost-effective solution for video editing to fulfill marketing and educational purposes.
  3. AI Video Translator: Besides voice and script generator, the tool provides the AI video translator feature. With this feature, you can translate video content into 20+ languages. Users can do global video marketing with the help of this feature by reducing the language barrier.
  4. AI Talking Photo: Give your photo a living narration with this AI Talking Photo feature of Virbo. You can make your photos interactive by adding voice clips to them. It makes the storytelling process interesting and innovative for people.

02 Steps To Generate Overdub Voice With AI Using Wondershare Virbo

Virbo can help the content creator to create attractive narration and voiceovers. As we discussed, this AI overdub tool helps generate voice with its AI technology. Follow the step-by-step guide to generate an overdubbed AI voice with Wondershare Virbo.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Virbo to Create a Video

Launch and install Wondershare Virbo to get access to the voice cloning feature. On the main interface, choose your avatar and click the “Create Video” button. After this, choose the video's aspect ratio and hit the "Create Video" button again to start the process.

create video project in virbo

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Step 2 Add Script to Utilize Overdub Voice

Now, a new window will open with your selected avatar. Afterward, write your narration or voiceover text in the “Text Script” section. Adjust the pitch, speed, and volume of your avatar voice as needed. This will personalize the overdubbed voice of your AI avatar.

add script and adjust voice settings

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Step 3 Adjust the Voiceover Setting and Export the Video

After this, adjust the voice settings by pressing the “Language” button over the volume setting. Now, you get the pop-up window to choose the language, gender, and narrator of the video. Finally, click the “OK” button to save the video settings. In the end, hit the "Export" button on the top right side to save the overdubbed video on your device.

choose ai avatar and voiceover language

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Part 2: Overdub With Descript: Another Platform To Offer Voice Cloning

Another platform that offers the voice cloning service is Descript. This tool provides a specific overdub feature that assists you during voice cloning. Users do not need to re-record if they miss something in the voiceover. The Descript overdub voice cloning feature allows you to replace incorrect audio by altering the script.

Also, it reduces the need to spend hours recording and editing your audio files. You get a seamless result that is more natural and imperfection-free. With its efficient overdub voice feature, it matches the different vocal performances.

01 Key Features of Descript

  1. With this podcast editing software, you can record and publish the podcast effortlessly. The built-in remote recording studio can create high-quality video and audio.
  2. Descript has a transcription feature to transcribe automatically with high accuracy. It can transcribe audio in 22 different languages and help you collaborate.
  3. Users can make high-resolution screen recordings with the feature of this tool. This screen recording feature also gives the link to share the recorded video with others.
  4. Generate your personal voice clone with the help of the AI voice features of the tool. Plus, this feature has a library of life-like AI voices for its users.

02 Step-by-Step Guide to Use Overdub Feature of Descript

An individual can record the wrong or awkward voice while doing a voiceover. There’s no need to re-record it, as the Overdub feature of Descript has a solution for you. Let's go through the step-by-step guide to using the overdub feature of this Overdub AI voice tool:

Step 1 Start Creating Project in Descript

First, download the Descript software and open the interface to click the “Projects” tab on the left-side panel. Press the “+New” button to get the extended window. Now, select the “Video Project” option to open a new window on the tool.

generate new project in descript
Step 2 Import Video Content into Descript

After that, write the project name above the available different options. Click the “Add File” option to open the dialogue box. After this, select the desired video content to import them.

import video to perform overdub
Step 3 Define Language and Speaker

Now, you get the “Transcribing” screen when the desired video content gets uploaded. Here, you can choose the language and speaker of the video. Once you select the desired option for the video, save it by hitting the “Done” button.

adjust transcribing settings in descript
Step 4 Overdub Video Text to Change

Afterward, change the text you want to overdub in your prerecorded video. Select the text you wish to change in the script to open the pop-up window. Click the "Replace" dropdown menu and choose "Overdub" to make changes to the video.

overdub ai voice after editing text

Part 3: Online Solutions to Overdub Voice With Professionalism

You should be familiar with the fact that Wondershare Virbo offers an online service for creating videos with AI. Plus, you can use its AI voice feature to clone your voice with ease. However, other platforms also offer online overdub AI services if you are looking for more options. The following are some of the top AI overdub online platforms.

Best Online Solutions for Voice Overdubbing
  2. Dubdub
  3. Speechify

1. has overdub technology to create an AI voice clone. If you are a social media influencer, use this tool to voiceover your videos personally. This tool allows you to utilize your AI-generated overdub voiceovers to create video content for all types of entertainment. With the help of this, you can streamline your video and audio content creation.

veed io overdub voice ai tool

2. Dubdub

Dubdub is included in the list of AI overdub online tools that offer diversity in voice cloning services. It provides overdubbing services to users in 40+ languages. You can get the best experience with the text-aware translation feature of the tool. The tool supports all formats of audio, video, and text files for overdubbing. Users can get a preview of overdubbed videos before downloading through this tool.

dubdub overdub voice ai tool

3. Speechify

Content creators can use Speechify to dub the video and create content. It is an overdub AI voice tool that offers diversity in 20+ languages. Being a podcaster, you can dub your prerecorded video with the AI technology of the tool. You only need to add the text to convert it into the voice with its text-to-speech feature.

speechify overdub voice ai tool


We concluded that AI technology helps in overdubbing and voice cloning functionalities. Users can overdub the video or audio file with overdub AI technology. Many offline and online tools offer overdub voice features for error-free audio content creation. However, Wondershare Virbo is the best tool that assists users in utilizing the AI voice feature to overdub any content.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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