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The 8 Best AI Voice Cloning Tools (2024)

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 12, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Have you ever wished you could make your computer, smartphone, or virtual assistant speak in a different voice? AI voice cloning is the ability to generate speech based on another person’s voice. AI voice cloning has many valuable applications in today’s world. Businesses and content creators can use this technology to create helpful content or text-to-speech.

You’ve come to the right place if you are one of the many people interested in exploring AI voice cloning tools. This article will cover 8 of the best options available in 2024. Enjoy free voice cloning while maximizing the benefits of this new technology. Get a step ahead of the world with the power of AI.

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In this article
  1. 8 AI Voice Cloning Tools
  2. Guidelines for AI Voice Cloning

Part I. 8 AI Voice Cloning Tools

This section will introduce 8 of the best AI voice cloning tools in 2024. These tools can create synthetic voices that sound like real people. Some tools are designed for professional work, like movies or audiobooks. Other tools are easier for personal use to create custom text-to-speech voices.

With that said, let’s dive into exploring the 8 best free AI voice cloning tools for 2024! Keep an open mind, and don’t hesitate to experiment with multiple options.

Cost-Effective & Powerful Tools

Some AI voice cloning tools are very powerful but also quite expensive. However, several cost-effective options provide excellent features and performance for a reasonable price.

Wondershare Virbo

First on the list is Wondershare Virbo – your all-in-one solution for AI content generation. It’s equipped with different tools for content creation, but for this article, the focus is on its AI voice-coding capabilities. This powerful feature lets you save time and minimize costs on voiceovers and more using this cost-effective solution. Here are some of its key features:

  • Multi-language support. Virbo can perform voice-cloning services in over 20 major languages. This ensures that language barriers will not hinder your team from creating content.
  • Cross-platform support. Once purchased, you can seamlessly access your newly unlocked voice cloning powers on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Ensure that you can work on the go with this fantastic cross-platform compatibility.
  • Avatar + Voice Cloning features. Virbo’s voice-cloning feature can be combined with the AI avatar feature. Create compelling content with the power of true-to-life voice-cloning and AI avatars.
  • Cost-effective pricing. For a one-time payment of US $249, get unlimited voice cloning at your fingertips.

Are you curious to try Virbo? Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit Virbo’s online version. Log in or sign up with a Wondershare, Google, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Apple account.
  • Free Download Get Started Online

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  • Step 2: Click Voice Clone button.
  • virbo app homepage
  • Step 3: Go to Voice Cloning > Click or Drag to Upload Files. Take care of the file type, duration and file size limitation.
  • virbo voice cloning page
  • Step 4: Click Create and wait for the cloned voice. This process will take a few while based on the duration of your file.
  • virbo voice cloning link dropbox


    PlayHT’s online AI voice cloning tool lets you create a 99% realistic synthetic version of any voice, even your own. You need 2-3 hours of clear audio. PlayHT can then generate a natural-sounding cloned voice in whatever style you need - energetic for ads, gentle for meditation, or anything in between.

    With affordable pricing of as low as $29/month, voice cloning is easy and inexpensive.

    playht voice cloning page


    ElevenLabs provides one of the most advanced voice cloning tools. Their AI can generate an ultra-realistic version of your voice in minutes, using just a few short audio clips. It works across 29 languages and 50 accents, too. The cloned voice captures all the nuances and details of your real voice amazingly well.

    ElevenLabs offers secure, professional-grade voice cloning capabilities for as low as $3 per month.

    elevenlabs voice cloning page


    KwiCut’s AI Voice Cloner lets you create realistic synthetic voices easily. The AI can mimic real human voices, copying the way you speak - your language, accent, tone, and emotion. It’s simple to use. Just enter some text and record yourself reading a few lines. Then, KwiCut’s AI will clone your voice.

    KwiCut offers high-quality cloned voices for podcasts, videos, and more. With plans from $7.99 per month, it’s an affordable way to get lifelike AI voices. Try the free AI voice cloning service first to hear it for yourself.

    kwicut voice cloning page

    Free Tools

    On a limited budget? Don’t worry; some free AI voice cloning tools are worth exploring.


    Speechify allows you to create high-quality clones of real human voices, including your own, in seconds. All you need is your web browser - no special equipment is required. You can clone voices in over 40 languages, too. Once you have your cloned AI voice, you can type or paste any text into Speechify’s interface. One-click instantly converts the text into natural-sounding speech in your cloned voice.

    Best of all, Speechify can clone your voice for freeand supports free voice cloning for up to 30-second audio.

    speechify voice cloning page


    VEED.IO, which offers a free voice cloning plan, lets you create voiceovers in your voice using AI. Just record a short sample of your voice. Then VEED’s AI can generate audio that sounds like you speak any text you enter. VEED’s browser-based voice cloning is quick and doesn’t require downloading any apps. Simply type your script, hit the voiceover button, and let the AI talk in your cloned voice. voice cloning page

    Resemble AI

    Resemble AI provides advanced voice AI technology focusing on security and enterprise needs. Their tools allow you to generate realistic synthetic voices while keeping all voice data and processing securely on your machines.

    Resemble AI’s voice AI runs locally with a simple Python installation - no complex setup is required. It offers flexible licensing options suitable for individual users or large organizations. Deploy and self-host the voice AI capabilities your way. They even let you try the feature for free.

    resemble voice cloning page


    Fliki’s AI voice cloning with the free version lets you quickly create a realistic synthetic version of your voice in just minutes. Record a 2-minute audio sample, and Fliki’s technology will generate a high-quality cloned voice that sounds remarkably natural. Use this AI-powered voice clone to narrate scripts, enhancing your video productions.

    Fliki’s voice cloning helps accelerate your video workflow while ensuring professional-grade voiceovers with an authentic, human-like sound.

    fliki voice cloning page

    Part II. Guidelines for AI Voice Cloning

    Finding the right free voice cloning tool is just the first step. To ensure high-quality and realistic results, there are some important guidelines you’ll need to follow during the voice cloning process itself:

    • Use source audio with consistent frequency and volume.The audio samples you provide as input to the voice cloning engine should have a consistent frequency range and volume level throughout. Variations can confuse the AI model and lead to unnatural variations in the cloned voice.
    • Opt for moderately paced source audio.Rapid speech that is too fast or slow can make it difficult for the AI to capture the voice patterns accurately. A moderate, conversational pace in the source audio tends to work best.
    • Provide as many audio samples as possible.The more sample data the AI has to work with, the better it can generate an accurate voice model. Most voice cloning tools recommend providing at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of audio.
    • Ensure source audio is free of background noise/voice.Background noise, like music, other voices, etc., can interfere with voice cloning. For optimal results, your source audio samples should only contain the single voice you want to clone.
    • Only use authorized voice samples.While tempting, using audio samples of celebrities or other individuals without permission raises ethical concerns around consent and privacy. Stick to using audio samples you have proper authorization for - such as recording yourself or loved ones who have granted permission.

    Following these guidelines gives the AI voice cloning engine the best chance of generating a realistic, high-fidelity synthetic clone of the desired voice. With some care during audio preparation, the possibilities of AI voice cloning are endless!


    AI voice cloning lets you make lifelike fake voices. Whether you’re a business owner, content creator, or just curious, there’s a tool for you. This article lists the eight best options for free voice cloning or cost-effective options in 2024. Make sure to try each of them out to devise the right voice cloning solution for you.

    To choose the right one, consider cost, how easy it is to use, and the languages it supports. For a good mix of price, features, and simplicity, Wondershare Virbo is suggested. Pay once, and you can clone voices in over 20 languages. While it does not offer free AI voice cloning, its powerful features, and cost-effective pricing will bring you places.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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