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10 Best Celebrity Voice Changer (Online/PC/Mobile)

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 12, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

It takes some serious vocal skills to pull off a convincing impression. If you want to sound like a celebrity, you need a celebrity voice changer. Most people do not have this talent naturally. Fortunately, some apps can help you achieve it.

This article lists the 10 best apps to change your voice to a celebrity’s. You will find tools that make sounding like your favorite stars easy. Keep reading to find the best options available.

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In this article
  1. Top 10 Celebrity Voice Changer Apps Using AI
  2. Bonus. Wondershare Virbo: Most Realistic AI Voice Generator for Free

Part I. Top 10 Celebrity Voice Changer Apps Using AI

Ever wanted to sound like your favorite celebrity? With celebrity voice changer apps, you can easily transform your voice into that of a famous singer, actor, or athlete! These apps are perfect for creating funny recordings, prank calls, or adding a unique touch to your online content. Here’s a look at 10 of the best options to consider:

MagicMic: Best Celebrity Voice Changer for Valorant Players

magicmic celebrity voice changer

If you’re a fan of the tactical shooter game Valorant, then MagicMic is a must-have app. But this program goes beyond just celebrity voice changer features. It offers a variety of real-time voice filters designed to enhance your gameplay. You can add sound effects and customize voice effects to liven up your communication with teammates.

  • · Voice changer apply straight in games
  • · More features, such as voice recording and audio voice change
  • · Over 300 AI voice filters to choose from
  • · Audio editing features may feel overwhelming for beginners
  • · May not be suitable for all online gaming communities

Celebrity Voice Changer Parody: Best iOS Singing App for Live Singing

celebrity voice changer parody for ios

Calling all iPhone users who love to sing! Celebrity Voice Changer Parody is a free app for iOS devices that lets you record yourself singing and then apply the voice of a famous singer. Want to belt out a tune like your favorite pop star? This app is a great way to have fun and add a layer of entertainment to your karaoke sessions or singing practice.

  • · 100+ popular celebrities’ voice filters are available
  • · Fun and easy to use for singers of all levels
  • · In-app purchases for access to more voice filters
  • · Some celebrity’s voice filters don’t sound realistic

Fineshare: Best Famous People Voice Changer Online for Entertainment

fineshare celebrity voice generator

If you’re looking for a famous people voice changer online for pure entertainment, then Fineshare is a good option. It offers realistic voice filters, including those that mimic the voices of celebrities, cartoon characters, and singers. You can record your voice, apply the desired effect, and share it with friends on social media or messaging platforms.

  • · 1000+ free celebrity voices and customization options
  • · Allows users to record voice or upload audio files in various formats
  • · Cross-platform compatibility across devices
  • · May need a subscription for full access to all features
  • · Voice quality might vary depending on the chosen filter
  • · The free trial duration limitation is 15 seconds

FakeYou: Best Free Voice Changer App for Celebrity Voice Acting

fakeyou famous people voice changer

FakeYou takes a unique approach to voice changing. This online voice changer allows you to type in any text and choose your favorite character’s voice to speak it aloud through deepfake technology. You can also use its voice-to-voice feature to upload or record an audio file and change your voice into a celebrity’s voice.

  • · Pitch control settings
  • · Offers a good selection of celebrity voices
  • · Plenty of tools for speech, image, and video generation
  • · Results can be hit-or-miss, voice quality may not always be perfect
  • · Requires users to upgrade to a paid version for more access

Vidnoz: Best Free AI Celebrity Voice Changer for Advertisements

vidnoz online celebrity voice generator

Looking for a free voice changer app for celebrities with a business focus? Vidnoz could be the solution. This program turns text into speech by utilizing cutting-edge voice-changing technology. Select among the voices of AI Billie Eilish, AI Eminem, AI Taylor Swift, and more celebrities. Vidnoz is useful for making interesting presentations or video advertisements with a celebrity flare.

  • · 80+ AI celebrity voice selection
  • · Supports more than 140 languages
  • · Natural AI celebrity audio results
  • · Voices with emotions are available for paid plans only
  • · The free version is limited to 1 minute daily

TopMediai: Best Customizable Online Celebrity Voice Changer

topmedia online voice changer for celebrity

With a great deal of customization, TopMediai is an online application that lets you change your voice into that of a celebrity. With the help of this voice changer, you may choose from over 3200 incredibly lifelike AI voices in various languages and accents. For creators who desire exact control over the generated voice for a more realistic result, TopMediai is perfect.

  • · Control over pitch, speed, and volume voice parameters
  • · Customization settings for stability, similarity, and exaggeration
  • · Ideal for creating realistic voiceovers with emotional nuances
  • · Can upload up to 10MB of audio clips
  • · Pricing plans might be complex for casual users
  • · Might have a learning curve for beginners

Lovo AI: Best Celebrity Voices Changer With AI Cloning

lovo free celebrity voice generator

Lovo AI offers personalized AI cloning, advancing the technique of celebrity voice changers even further. If you give Lovo AI a brief sample of reference audio, it will pick it up and recreate it. After the celebrity has been cloned, enter any text and have it read aloud in their voice. It’s an effective tool for making explanatory videos or entertaining content.

  • · Can create unlimited cloned voices
  • · Can choose the AI celebrity voice pronunciation
  • · Allows for custom voice creation based on a provided audio sample
  • · A steep learning curve for beginners
  • · Free users have no commercial rights
  • · The quality of the cloned voice depends on the uploaded file

CleVoice: Best Free AI Celebrity Voiceover Changer for Streamers

clevoice online ai celebrity voice changer

Need a free celebrity voice changer for your live streams? CleVoice allows you to change your voice into various effects in real-time, including those mimicking famous people. Record and edit your voice first, then choose from Lisa of Blackpink, Taylor Swift, and more on your PC.

  • · Customize voice speed, tone, and pitch with keybinds control
  • · Offers over 600 AI voice filters and effects
  • · Real-time voice modification for apps, such as Fortnite and Discord
  • · Limited celebrity voice options, sounds, and functionalities
  • · Interface and editing tools might feel overwhelming for beginners

Parrot AI: Best Celebrity Voice Generator for Fun Audio Clips

parrot ai celebrity voice generator online

Parrot AI is a great app for creating short and funny audio clips with celebrity voices. It is one of the top famous people voice changers, allowing you to type in any text and choose a celebrity voice to say it. Parrot AI is perfect for adding a humorous touch to messages, audio clips, or quick social media snippets.

  • · Easy to use for creating short audio clips with celebrity voices
  • · Entertaining for quick content creation
  • · Requires a paid subscription to remove the watermark and access more AI voices
  • · May take minutes to generate the output in the free version

PlayHT: Best Expressive and Free AI Voice Changer

playht celebrity voice changer online

PlayHT is among the best voice changer apps for celebrities that use AI. While it might not have the same level of celebrity voice options as some paid apps, PlayHT excels in its expressive voice cloning. It makes PlayHT a good choice for anyone who wants to create voiceovers with a natural feel.

  • · Can capture the nuances and speaking styles of celebrity’s voice
  • · Great for experimenting with voice modification
  • · Offers a good level of control over voice expressiveness
  • · Output depends on the uploaded audio clip of the celebrity speaking
  • · Might need more experimentation to achieve the desired voice effect

While impersonating your favorite stars is a blast, the possibilities of AI voice generation extend far beyond celebrity impressions. Wondershare Virbo unlocks a whole new world of creative vocal options. Let’s dive deeper and explore how this app can transform your projects with unique AI voices.

Bonus. Wondershare Virbo: Most Realistic AI Voice Generator for Free

virbo free ai voice generator online

Free Download Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure

Virbo offers a powerful AI voice generator that lets you create content from text to natural-sounding voices. No need for expensive voice actors! Virbo’s AI creates realistic and expressive voices spoken by lifelike avatars. This makes it best for making explainer videos, customer service, employee training, and digital marketing content.

Key Features

  • High-quality and Clear Audio

Virbo generates high-quality audio that sounds professional and engaging. Listeners won’t be able to tell it’s not a real person speaking.

  • Global Appeal

Go beyond one voice. Virbo offers various accents and languages, allowing you to tailor your content to a specific audience.

  • Diverse Avatars

Bring your voice generation to life. Choose from over 300 unique avatars, both male and female. Each avatar has its own personality, from sweet and gentle to lively and energetic. You can also select avatars that suit specific marketing tones, like classy or professional.

  • AI Scriptwriting Assistant

Need help crafting a suitable script? Virbo’s built-in AI script generator can provide suggestions and inspiration.

  • Affordable and Accessible

Virbo offers affordable plans that fit your budget. Plus, it’s compatible with various platforms, so you can create content on your preferred device.

Forget the constraints of conventional voiceovers. Using this AI voice generator, you can easily produce material with a professional-sounding voice. Even while Virbo doesn’t provide any celebrity voices, its realistic AI voice library and customization choices make it an effective tool for producing memorable and captivating videos.


There are a lot of celebrity voice changer apps available for download on mobile devices as well as for use online. With these apps, you may change your voice to sound like your favorite celebs. Nevertheless, whether using this technology for business or personal purposes, it’s crucial to use it appropriately.

For those looking for a powerful and free AI voice generation tool, check out Wondershare Virbo. It offers a wide range of natural-sounding voices, perfect for creative projects.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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