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A Complete Guide to Coqui Voice Cloning Software [2024]

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 07, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

AI voice cloning has been all the craze recently. Just think about having another you at your fingertips. isn’t it amazing?

Video creation and podcasting is getting popular but production costs are too high. And you can’t do it yourself due to lack of time, energy, or maybe any other reason. Well, voice cloning is no longer a fantasy, it's here to make your life easier.

Excited to get started? There are a handful of tools out there that can help you clone your voice just with a few clicks. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to duplicate your voice!

One of the most prominent tools I'm going to discuss here is, Coqui tts voice cloning tool. Though it's a bit technical, I'll make it easy for you.

What’s more? This article will also cover how AI cloning works and some reliable alternatives to Coqui voice cloning software that you need to try. So, sit back and continue reading!

In this article
  1. How AI Voice Cloning Works?
  2. Coqui Voice Cloning: A powerful Voice Cloning Tool
  3. Alternatives to Coqui Voice Cloning Software

Part 1. How AI Voice Cloning Works?

Voice cloning uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a synthetic copy of a human's voice. It is a complex process involving a number of steps. Here's how it typically works:

how AI voice cloning works

Voice Sampling and Analysis:

First, a bunch of audio recordings are collected from the person whose voice is to be cloned. The collected voice is analyzed by breaking down the audio into phonemes (the smallest units of sound in a language) to understand various characteristics like pitch, tone, and speed.

Feature Extraction:

Then distinctive features of the voice are extracted such as accent, intonation, and rhythm, which make each voice recognizable.

Training the AI Model:

The extracted features are used to train an AI model. It learns to replicate the specific characteristics of the voice.

Synthesis and Fine-Tuning:

After training, AI models can generate new speech in the cloned voice i.e. Coqui AI voice cloning software. Then, it is fine-tuned to ensure it sounds natural and matches the original voice.

Output Generation:

Finally, it produces the cloned voice output, which can be used to say anything within the bounds of the programmed language, maintaining the original voice's style and tone.

Part 2. Coqui Voice Cloning: A Powerful Voice Cloning Tool

Founded in 2016, Coqui launched two main projects: STT (Speech-to-Text) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) that use deep machine learning technology to clone voices or design custom voices within seconds. It can be trained in any domain or language.

Coqui TTS voice cloning software

If you want to maximize your podcast revenue or expand your reach with different languages, then no need for hours of recordings. Coqui TTS voice cloning is a powerful user-friendly platform that can help you create a realistic clone of your voice using just a short audio sample.

And the interesting part is_ you can clone your voice in different languages with just 3-6 seconds of audio recording sample.

Plus, Coqui voice cloningtool allows you to adjust the style, pace, and emotion for a natural sound. It’s perfect for creators on the go, with faster processing and even timeline editing features. Whether you're a podcaster, dubbing master, audiobook narrator, animator or gamer, Coqui's can help you save your money, time, and energy.

Key features and Functionalities

  • Voice Cloning: Clone any voice from a short audio sample
  • Generative AI Voices: Creates your dream voice by attributes like age, tone, emotions etc.
  • Adjustable AI Emotions and Voice Control: Users can adjust the pitch, pace, and add a touch of emotion to the cloned voice for different effects.
  • Multilanguage Voices:Coqui AI voice cloning studio can clone voices and generate speech from text with pertained models in 20 + languages.
  • Advanced Editor: Fine-tune pitch, volume, pronunciation and more for each word or sentence.
  • Multiple Takes: You can record and compare multiple performances to pick up the best one
  • Timeline Editor:It gives you precise control over your voice clones. Arrange and edit multiple voice tracks on a visual timeline, and review the final scene with all voices playing simultaneously
  • User-friendly: Quick installation, free and easy to use


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Online


  • Although it’s a great tool, the cloned voice does not resemble enough
  • Processing large audio files, especially for complex tasks, takes some time.
  • Some advanced features within Coqui, like detailed timeline editing or in-depth voice manipulation, require some coding knowledge.
  • The XTTS version, offering more customization options, is slower and still under development.
  • Linux users might require additional configuration for smooth working of Coqui voice cloning

Use Cases and Applications

Coqui AI voice cloning can be used for:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Animation
  • Prototyping
  • Audiobooks
  • AI Assistants and chatbots
  • Change text to audio for visually impaired persons.
coqui voice cloning generator

Part 3. Alternatives to Coquii Voice Cloning Software

Coqui TTS voice cloning is a great tool, but it's not the only option out there. Here's a look at some alternatives which require no expertise.

Wondershare Virbo AI (Recommended)

Among alternatives, we have Wondershare Virbo AI on the top as it’s a fantastic tool built on Coqui’s core AI technology. Its voice cloning feature is way better and easy to use.

UnlikeCoqui voice cloning, you can create your own realistic voice without any coding or technical process. Whether you want to create content in multiple languages or accents, Wondershare Virbo is the best choice. If you’re a non-tech person, no problem! Virbo is for everyone.

how to clone your voice using Virbo

Free Download Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure

Key Features

  • Provide AI voice cloning service and different voiceovers
  • Translate videos into over 20+ languages with lip sync and voice cloning.
  • Edit and proofread scripts, and auto-generate subtitles.
  • 300+ AI avatars from various countries and languages, meeting diverse marketing scenarios.
  • 300+ Video Templates for diverse holidays, sales events, and business marketing.
  • Advanced Subtitle Editor for extensive subtitle editing with preset styles for personalized needs.

Why Should You Choose Virbo?

Compared to Coqui voice cloning, Virbo can clone your voice or translate it into other languages without any hassle. It offers a user-friendly interface and focuses on high-quality voice cloning. Just a few clicks, and you'll have your very own voice clone ready to go within seconds! Simply provide a short audio sample, and Virbo does the rest.

Virbo has a variety of AI voices in addition to your own clone while Coqui AI voice cloning lacks this feature. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different voices for your projects.

Virbo voice cloning feature


Windows, iOS, Android, Online


Free trial

Monthly plan: US$ 9.9

Yearly plan Essential: US$ 19.9

Yearly plan pro: US$ 199

Voice cloning price plans in virbo


Descript is primarily an audio and video editing tool but it also has a voice cloning feature like Coqui AI voice cloning tool. It is based on AI technology and can generate speech that sounds like you.

All you need to do is_ just record a short sample, upload it and it recreates your voice, including accents, emotions, and speaking patterns. You can also adjust the pitch and pace slightly for different effects. It's a perfect tool for podcasters, content creators and video editors.

how to clone your voice with Descript

Key Features

  • Voice cloning from pre-existing recordings
  • Overdub
  • Text-based editing of audio transcripts
  • Both audio and video editing tools
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Collaboration


Windows or Mac Desktop, Online



Creator plan

Pro plan

is descript paid or free to use


For those seeking a user-friendly alternative to Coqui TTS voice cloning software, PlayHT is a real-time AI voice cloning and TTS software useful for creating near-perfect voice clones. It operates directly in your browser.

Known for its realistic voice cloning, playHT is a popular choice among content creators, podcasters, video creators, and businesses looking to add a personal touch in their projects.

Unlike Coqui voice cloning software, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or coding experience to clone your voice. Just upload your clear recording (at least 1 hour duration) without any noise or music background. It takes a few hours to clone your voice. After that, your cloned voice will be only available to you with other ultra-realistic voices.

clone your voice using playht

Key Features:

  • Make unique acronyms and phonetics
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text-to-voice editor
  • Record a customizedl voice overs using a variety of voices.
  • Adjust the voice speed, pauses, and pitch.
  • Utilize the personalized pronunciations again
  • High-quality audio outputs
  • Voiceovers for audiobooks or videos
  • Creates natural sounding voices


Windows, Android, iOS, online


  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Subscription plan with advanced features
playht subscription plans


Coqui TTS voice cloning has made content creation easier by creating realistic voice cloning. It uses deep neural networks to create human-like voices. Good thing is that it can create voice clones in any language you want.

If you find it a bit technical, Coqui AI voice cloning is not the only tool available. Ai voice cloning tools like Wondershare Virbo is a better fit. It creates incredibly lifelike AI voices that closely mimic human speech patterns. Virbo is amazing from every aspect_ including price, features and voice quality.

However, the best voice cloning tool depends on your individual needs and priorities. So, now you can add your own voice to explainer videos, podcasts, animations, or even create unique characters for audiobooks – all with just a few clicks.

Free Download Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure


  • Is voice cloning the same as TTS?
    No, text-to-speech (TTS) technology primarily converts written text into spoken words using pre-programmed voice options. While voice cloning generates a digital voice by analyzing and capturing unique characteristics of a specific individual's voice, then generating a new speech that sounds like the original person.
  • Can I clone my own voice?
    Yes, Virbo AI can clone your voice through an original voice sample. It captures the essence of your voice including subtle nuances and characteristics of the accent, ensuring that the cloned voice closely resembles the original speaker's linguistic traits.
  • What is the best voice cloning AI?
    If you want to know the best AI voice cloning tool, look no further than Wondershare Virbo. Its voice cloning feature just works perfectly. It replicates your voice in highly realistic speech in a range of languages within a couple of seconds. Other voice cloning applications include Coqui TTS voice cloning, Speechify, Descript etc.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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