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A Detailed Review & Alternatives of VOCALOID6 Voice Generator

Don’t worry if you don’t know any AI voice generator tools. In this article, we will be discussing the VOCALOID voice generator. Not only this, but we will also discuss some of its premium-grade alternatives. So, let's initiate the discussion without drag
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 15, 23, updated Apr 16, 24

Creating music to share emotions and ideas with the world is a never-ending thing. However, the change in today's world is, you don't have to put in all the manual effort and hire professional singers for this. If you have lyrics and melody in mind, try to make a song through them with the help of AI voice generators.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any AI voice generator tools. In this article, we will be discussing the VOCALOID voice generator. Not only this, but we will also discuss some of its premium-grade alternatives. So, let's initiate the discussion without dragging it any further.

In this article
  1. A Brief Overview of What is VOLCALOID6
  2. What are the Features Offered by VOCALOID6
  3. How to Use VOCALOID6 VOICE Changer | Step-by-Step Instructions
  4. The Best Alternatives to VOCALOID6 Voice Changer

Part 1: A Brief Overview of What is VOLCALOID6

VOCALOID6 is an AI-powered music generator created by Yamaha. Through this, you can generate expressive music by adding lyrics and rhythm. By using VOCALOID6, you can inspire the world with your music. It helps amplify the music wave and generates the music you like. Moreover, it has the potential to generate music with natural singing voices.

The interface of the VOCALOID voice changer is appreciative and straightforward. Thus, you will not face any difficulty while exploring and using this tool. Above all, it incorporates innovative algorithms along with blazing-fast processing speed. Through this, you can accomplish your task at a faster speed without adjusting everything manually.


Compatibility of VOCALOID6

VOCALOID voice generator free is a tool that always places the needs of users before anything else. For this reason, it supports compatibility with major operating systems. The below-given table will help you understand the compatibility of VOCALOID 6:


Supported Versions


Windows 10 version 21H2 (and above), Windows 11 version 21H2 (and above).


macOS 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 13 (Ventura).

Pricing of VOCALOID6

Luckily, VOCALOID software offers reliable and cost-efficient pricing plans for users. You can also discover the budget-friendly pricing plans of VOCALOID6 here:

  • VOCALOID6 for Windows/macOS: $225

Part 2: What are the Features Offered by VOCALOID6

VOCALOID synthesizer is a tool that is packed with amazing features. This tool's top-grade features can help you generate music in natural singing voices with few taps. You must be eager to discover the features of VOCALOID6 that can set it apart from its competitors. A few are discussed here for your better understanding of the tool:

1. Direction and Vocal Work

With this optimized quality tool, you can edit the music's accents, rhythmic feel, and vibrato. Above all, you also have a chance to double the music to generate music harmony. This also helps you in giving a personalized outlook to your music tracks.

You can also mute and solo the parts with the in-built switches. Moreover, it also has buttons to view TimeSig, Main Tracks, and Tempos. One of the best things is you can easily repeat the desired part of the song in a loop with a few taps.


This software has the potential to produce new tracks for you. It can also replicate your singing style, so you don't have to compromise on your style. There are over 100 singing styles in it, and you can select one of your choices.

In addition, it can generate naturally expressive tracks for the ease of the users. The VOCALO CHANGER lets you add your voice to its interface and change it as needed. You can also add it to the voice bank. Moreover, you can also zoom in on the projects to see the generated tracks.

3. Language, Effects, and Customization

One of the best things about the VOCALOID voice generator is it has over 11 audio effects that can give a more natural look to your music. It can also make the music more pleasurable to hear. Above all, you can also generate music in multiple languages with this. The languages it supports include English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

VOCALOID synthesizer includes 4 voicebanks which give flexibility for music creation. There is the latest synthesis engine in it which lets you create realistic music with a natural tone. You can customize several audio metrics and join multiple sounds together.


There is a specialized integration in VOCALOID6, which is known as ARA2. It can also work as a replacement for rewiring. ARA2 is compatible with DAWs which is very convenient. Through SMF EXPORTING, you can export your MIDI files from VOCALOID6.

Moreover, you can also export every single MIDI file individually without compromising quality. You can further use the MIDI files as a template and edit them as needed.

5. Voices and Phrases

In VOCALOID, you can access over 2000 editable phrases along with the audio samples. You can also use them via drag-and-drop action. Moreover, there is no restriction on the type of voice as it supports both male and female voices. You can access both male and female voices in all the languages supported by the VOCALOID voice changer.

Moreover, you can edit the music with its effective line tool. This helps in accomplishing smooth and consistent editing. There is a specialized note-editing tool that can make editing music notes easier than ever.

Part 3: How to Use VOCALOID6 VOICE Changer | Step-by-Step Instructions

Using VOCALOID6 is not as complicated as it seems. The procedure for using the VOCALOID6 voice changer without any mistakes is listed here for you:

Step 1: Initially, install and launch VOCALOID6 on your device and hit the "New Project" button. Next, select the "VOCALOID.AI" option and add "Track Name" in the box present next to this option. You can also add the "Track Count" along with "Part Duration".


Step 2: Following this, select the "Voice" drop-down menu and select the AI voice of your choice. Once done, click the "Create" button. Open up your "Editor" and right-click on it. Next, hit the "Add VOCALOID:AI Track" option and add a vocal track of your choice.


Step 3: Once it's completely loaded, click on "Track" and locate the “Voice” and “Style” drop-down menu. Choose a voice and style of your choice and play it to have a preview. Afterward, go to the "File" tab and hit the "Save" button. Hereafter, select the "Destination Folder" and again choose "Save."


Part 4: The Best Alternatives to VOCALOID6 Voice Changer

Undoubtedly, the VOCALOID voice generator is an optimized quality tool. However, it is better to know its alternatives. Through this, you can experience reliable innovation and upgrades. It also gives a comparative analysis along with flexibility.

No worries if you have no idea about the reputable alternatives of the VOCALOID synthesizer. The below-discussed tools can serve as the best alternatives for VOCALOID software:

1. Virbo

Virbo is a quality-optimized tool through which you can generate AI videos with AI avatar integration. The interface of this VOCALOID voice generator alternative is beyond amazing, and it also incorporates blazing-fast processing speed. Virbo supports 150+ real human avatars, along with 120+ voices and languages. You can also select the avatars based on their age and ethnicity.

Get Started Online Free Download

It also allows you to select languages based on gender and accent. Moreover, Virbo integrates a text-to-speech feature that helps you convert written text into expressive speech. You can also access professionally made video templates in Virbo, making your work easier than ever. In addition, it supports the royalty-free music track, which you can use in the videos.

It shows compatibility on diversified platforms such as Online, Windows, Android, and iOS. You can even use its premium version on multiple devices without any problem. With the help of Virbo, you can also generate AI scripts for social media content. Furthermore, you can also optimize the script on a Windows computer.

2. Speechify

Speechify is one of the popular AI voice generators on the web. Through this amazing quality tool, you can generate the voices with full customization. It also helps you listen to voices at any speed on both mobile and desktop devices. You can also generate the content in natural human voices to make it more accessible and understandable for the users.

Speechify can also turn Docs, articles, or PDF files into speech without any mistakes. You can also use this for generating voiceovers, doing voice cloning, and dubbing existing files. It also has an extensive catalog of audiobooks that you can narrate in high-quality.



This innovative VOCALOID software alternative holds the potential for generating realistic AI voices. Through this, we can create realistic quality voices without any pronunciation mistakes. It also supports various languages, such as Persian, Basque, Irish, Greek, Spanish, English, Gujarati, and more. You can also select the AI voice of your choice from the options of Bart, Guy, Eric, Jack, and more.

Before selecting the voices, you can also hit the play icon to preview them. Besides this, it also lets you manage the audio metrics as you can customize the pitch of audio through this. It also has several built-in pitch options, including -20, -16, -8, -4, +2, +18, +20, and many more. The speed of audio can also be customized through this tool.



As discussed in this article, you can use VOCALOID software to generate AI voices. You can find significantly descriptive information about this amazing tool in the above article. The features of VOCALOID6, along with compatibility and pricing, are also described above.

If you want to use this tool for generating AI voices, the steps are also mentioned above. The top 3 alternatives of VOCALOID6, which can help you generate realistic voices, are described above. If you need to learn about the tool with the most recommendations, the answer is Virbo.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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