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Best Robot Voice Changer: How To Make Your Voice Sound Robotic

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 12, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

“Can I change my voice using AI?” The simple answer is yes! Although your voice is distinctive, it might not always be ideal for all your projects. A robot voice changer can change your voice to sound robotic for plenty of interesting purposes, including YouTube narrations, amusing TikTok videos, and staying anonymous online.

If you’re wondering how to change your voice into a robot, this article will show you the steps. You’ll explore their pros and cons and some of the best AI voice changers and modulators to get that robotic voice in real-time.

convert human to robot voice concept
In this article
  1. Best Robot Voice Changer: Top 5 Picks to Sound Robotic
  2. How To Make a Robot Voice With a Robot Voice Changer?
  3. Bonus: Generate Realistic AI Voices for Your Videos With Virbo

Part 1: Best Robot Voice Changer: Top 5 Picks to Sound Robotic

Want to add some robotic flair to your voice chats and online games? You can use a robot voice changer for various apps and games, including Discord, Fortnite, Valorant, Steam, OBS, PUBG, Zoom, Skype, and many more. Easily achieve that iconic robot voice using the following top picks.

DemoCreator: Best AI Robot Voice Changer for Livestreaming

democreator robot voice changer for pc

DemoCreator is the best PC robot voice changer with screen recording and video editing features. This AI-powered desktop app allows you to create real-time customizable robot voices. You can adjust the voice filter, noise volume, speed, and other parameters to fine-tune the robotic sound.

Key Features

  • Voice changer for different characters like robots, transformers, men, women, and child
  • Supports more than 40 AI voices for virtual avatar and audio recording needs
  • AI tools such as AI Speech Enhancement, AI Denoise, and AI text-to-speech
  • · Cross-platform compatibility for Windows and macOS
  • · Can export the file to TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • · Works in real-time with advanced audio editing tools
  • · Free recording export length is limited to 10 minutes
  • · Basic video editing tools for free version

VoiceTrans: Best Robot Voice Modulator for iOS

voicetrans robot voice changer for ios

VoiceTrans is a strong contender for the best robot voice modulator app for iOS devices. This app combines your voice, other voice clips, background, and ambient sounds. VoiceTrans also functions as a soundboard, allowing you to add sound effects alongside your modified voice. It can be fun to add extra personality to your social media interactions.

Key Features

  • Voice changer app
  • Soundboard for effects, such as atmospheric sounds
  • Voice pack
  • · User-friendly interface
  • · Multiple robot voice options
  • · Send as a voice message to WhatsApp, TikTok, Discord, and Messenger
  • · Can’t customize voice effects on iOS app
  • · No real-time voice changing on the app
  • · In-app purchases can be required to unlock all features

TikTok: Best Social Media App With Robot Voice Filter

tiktok interface for smartphone

TikTok lets you add a cool robot voice filter to your videos. Record your video and type what you want to say. While there isn’t a specific robot filter, enhancers like Synth or characters like Trickster can create a robotic feel. This trendy effect is perfect for making fun and short videos your followers will enjoy.

Key Features

  • Various voice filter effects for men and women
  • Automatic caption generator
  • Video editing tools for trimming, adding overlay, and more
  • · Free to use
  • · Fun and easy to explore different voice filters
  • · Built-in recording and sharing features
  • · Limited control over the specific robot voice effect
  • · Voice effects are for personal use only

Voicemod: Best Free Real-Time Robot Voice Changer

voicemod real-time robot voice changer

Voicemod is a free-to-use program designed for real-time voice modification. It offers a wide range of voice filters, including a customizable robot voice changer for gamers. You can adjust the pitch, add robotic sound effects, and even use a voice changer during live streams or voice chats.

Key Features

  • Offers 150 plus voice effects
  • Several robotic voice filters, including Android voice changer, bot voice changer, and police bot voice changer
  • Sliders, distortion, reverb, and more voice editing effects
  • · Free version with a basic voice filter
  • · Real-time voice modification
  • · Suitable for games and programs, such as Rocket League, Discord, and Valorant
  • · Some users reported performance issues while recording during gameplay
  • · Premium upgrade needed for additional robot voices and customization options

UniConverter: Best Free Online AI Robot Voice Modulator

uniconverter voice changer and modulator online

UniConverter is the best online voice changer and modulator across various platforms. This online platform offers a variety of voice filters, including a robot voice filter effect. Upload your audio file, select the robot effect, and download the modified audio.

Key Features

  • Support batch conversion to apply voice effects
  • Smart AI trimmer
  • Intro and outro editor
  • · Online tool, no software download required
  • · Voice effects applied in real-time
  • · Limited customization within the Voice Change tool
  • · The free version has restrictions on file length and conversions

Part 2: How To Make a Robot Voice With a Robot Voice Changer?

Not all robot voice changers and modulators are the same! As you can see, each one on the list above caters to different needs. Take social media streamers, for example. They can leverage a robot voice changer to add a unique touch to their content. If you’re interested in joining the fun, here’s a quick guide on using DemoCreator’s robot voice changer.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Wondershare DemoCreator desktop version. Launch the app, and once signed in, select Video Editor from the Home Page.
  • democreator desktop app home page
  • Step 2: Click the + icon (Import) to upload the video or audio file from the desktop’s storage.
  • democreator video and audio editor
  • Step 3: Drag and drop the audio file from the Library section on the left to the editing timeline.
  • democreator audio on timeline editor
  • Step 4: Go to Audio from the right panel and scroll down to the Voice Changer section. Select from the Man, Woman, Child, Robot, or Transformers voice sound.
  • democreator ai robot voice changer
  • Step 5: Click Play in the editor or press the Space bar on the keyboard to listen to the robotic voice sound. Once done, click Export in the top-right corner of the editor and choose where to download the audio file with a robot voice.
  • export robot voice audio file

    While traditional robot voice changers offer a fun way to alter your voice, they often come with limitations. The robotic or artificial quality can be a giveaway, and controlling specific voice characteristics like pitch or inflection can be tricky. But there’s still a way to create your content. In the next part, you’ll discover an app offering a more natural and nuanced approach to voice changing.

    Bonus: Generate Realistic AI Voices for Your Videos With Virbo

    virbo realistic ai voice generator

    Wondershare Virbo is an AI-powered voice generator that goes beyond simple voice effects. It allows you to create high-quality, realistic AI voices for your videos in just a few clicks. Virbo also has a voice modulator where you can adjust the AI voice speed, pitch, and volume.

    Key Features

    • Realistic Voices:Skip the robotic monotone. Virbo offers a wide range of natural-sounding AI voices, allowing you to choose the perfect tone and style for your audio and video project.
    • Save Time:Stop recording and re-recording audio. Virbo lets you convert text to speech directly within its video editing software, saving you significant time and effort.
    • Multilingual Content Creation:Reach a global audience. Virbo supports multiple languages and accents, so you can easily create multilingual content for your international audiences.
    • AI Avatars:300+ realistic AI avatars to lip-sync to the AI voice, adding another layer of engagement to videos.
    • AI Tools:AI text-to-voice generator for web browsers, desktops, and smartphones.

    How To Create an AI Voice?

    Creating professional-sounding voiceovers for your videos is easier than ever. Here are the steps to generate voice from text with Virbo’s easy-to-use AI voice generator:

  • Step 1: Download the Virbo desktop version and install it.
  • Free Download Get Started Online

    safe Download100% safe & secure
  • Step 2: Launch the app, click Create Video on the upper navigation pane, and select a video aspect ratio.
  • virbo for desktop home interface
  • Step 3: Enter the script the AI avatar will say or use the AI Script generator. Click the avatar in the editor to change it or customize the style.
  • virbo ai voice editor
  • Step 4: Select an AI voice from the Voiceover pop-up window, then click OK to use it. Adjust AI voice Speed, Pitch, and Volume. Insert Background music from the left-side navigation pane.
  • virbo ai voiceover selection
  • Step 5: Click Export on the top right corner of the editor and check the file from the My Creations page to download it.
  • virbo my creations page


    Voice changers, especially the bestrobot voice changers, offer an easy way to alter your voice for streaming, games, or privacy. They can be simple to use online or require more editing software.

    But there are other ways you can do than merely cover your voice. Try Virbo if you need a voice for a video that sounds natural. With this software, you may experiment with various effects and generate realistic AI voices. Remember, have fun with voice changing, but use it responsibly.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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