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Effortless Instagram Reel Template Creation with Wondershare Virbo

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 31, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

In today’s world of social media, the platforms undergo various changes to enable the users to make the best use of self-creativity. New products such as Instagram reels which was introduced in 2020 is a good example in this regard. Reels provide the freedom to users and gives them the ability of being able to create a music video of about 15- 60 seconds. As a media that has the ability to reach the masses and share exciting content, reels has become a suitable platform for people to introduce themselves and their talents as well as for business promotion.

It does not matter if you have set out to create a unifying brand image or if you are seeking to give the Reels more aesthetic appeal, the templates can add another layer of value to your content, allowing it stand out between the sea of content on social media. When looking for a tool to help and guide on how to make reels template for Instagram, the Wondershare Virbo is regarded as the best and easy-to-use tool.

instagram reel page
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Part 1: Methods for Creating Instagram Reel Templates

While various methods exist for creating Instagram Reel templates, each comes with its own set of advantages and challenges: While various methods exist for creating Instagram Reel templates, each comes with its own set of advantages and challenges:

  • DIY Design Software: Computer aided design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva often offer incredible opportunities to edit templates as per one’s requirements. Nevertheless, this approach of using graphic designs and picture may need one to have some level of expertise in the field and may take much time for the ideal results to be achieved.
  • Manual Editing in Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro is an example of edited video that allows snapping to a specific frame for effective control over each Reel. However, manually editing each Reel can be very challenging and takes quite a lot of time if one is a newbie.
  • Outsourcing to Designers: The advantages of using professional templates from Reel are relatively costly because one has to engage professional designers to create Reel templates for them specifically; Turnaround time is also another key factor to consider because professional designers may take time to develop the best Reel templates.

Part 2. Easiest Method: Wondershare Virbo for Instagram Reel Templates

Wondershare Virbo emerges as the easiest method for creating Instagram Reel template. Major credit goes to its intuitive interface and advanced features. The AI upgrades and versatile customization make Virbo a powerful tool as the program helps users design professional Reels.

The best part is the integration with Instagram and other social media platforms used in the application means that Virbo easily fits into this description and users can easily move their templates on to their preferred channels for the best results.

wondershare virbo ai template tool

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Key Features:

User-friendly Interface Tailored for Quick Edits:

  • The layout of Virbo enhances the ease of use and accessibility since users can easily understand the other functionalities and tools provided to edit Reel templates whereby no technical knowledge is required for one to perform easy modifications on it.
  • Currently, Virbo utilizes artificial intelligence in video improvement, which means that the application optimizes and enhances the videos, shortens the time needed to edit them, and makes appropriate changes so that users can achieve the best results.

Compatibility with Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms:

  • Reel templates shared by users also operate in conjunction with IP hosting and integrate with Instagram and other related platforms, thus making it easy for the audience to engage with Virbo.
  • The basic editing tools that are available with Wondershare Virbo are smart templates AI optimized and ideal for Instagram Reels content.
  • Such templates take advantage of data mining mechanisms to give you the best outcomes regarding trends and users’ preferences, which will keep your content active and interesting.

Auto-adjustment for Aspect Ratios:

  • Reels should meet particular aspect ratios given the manner Instagram optimizes videos for that. facilitates its channel.
  • Interestingly, through artificial intelligence, the Wondershare Virbo has the automatic feature of aspect ratios that is helpful to adjust the Reels to the required perfection for Instagram and other social media apps.
  • By offloading some of the work and technical details to preexisting templates, creators can mainly dedicate their time to content generation, leading to enhanced efficiency and shorter generation times.

Smart Editing Suggestions:

  • Virbo’s editing suggestion system is an Artificial Intelligence review platform that acts analytically in handling text and video content, specifically for optimizing Reels.
  • From fine-tuning the color of the picture to proposing to make stunning changes to how the video looks, these AI recommendations are basically an assistant in making a material look incredible.

Automatic Caption Generation:

  • In the case of automatic caption generation, there will be an assurance that the content created will benefit as many individuals as possible, particularly those with hearing impairments, and at the same time, reach out as many people as possible on Instagram and any other platform.

Being a convenient tool with many useful options and designed to work with Instagram Reels, Wondershare Virbo Desktop Version is the best tool for creating engaging Instagram Reel templates. No matter you are the professional content creator or you just testing on social media, Virbo helps you to rediscover its creative power and make your Reels pop from the crowd.

Part 3: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make an Instagram Reel Template with Wondershare Virbo

Step 1: Download Wondershare Virbo

Visit the official website of Wondershare Virbo and click on "See All Templates" to download the program to your desktop.

get wondershare virbo on your desktop

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Step 2: Create and Log into Your Account

Returned to the website and sign up while the download is going on. When logging into the program, go to File > Register and then enter the Wondershare ID/Email address that was used in the order process as well as the password. After placing the order, you will receive an e-mail with their Wondershare account information. For instance, you can sign up and use your Google account login details as the credentials for entering the platform.

log in to wondershare virbo

Step 3: Install and Launch Wondershare Virbo

Go to the downloads folder and find the Virbo package. There are guidelines that comes with the installation file of the operating system, adhere to them and run the application after installation.

choose a video template

Step 4: Choose a Template and click the wanted ratio

Browse through the template library and select the one that best fits the purpose of your Instagram Reel.

choose a video template

Step 5: Preview and Select the Template

If you select any of these templates, you will need to click on them on its thumbnail to preview it. To do this the button marked “Create Video” sits at the lower right-hand corner of the program, once clicked the user will be taken to the editing stage.

click on create video option

Step 6: Edit Your Video

Leverage Virbo's advanced AI capabilities to enhance your video. Utilize features like automatic scene detection, smart transitions, and other editing tools to refine your content.

customize your instagram reel template

Step 7: Preview and Fine-tune

Always make sure that all is well, then review your video, particularly after editing. Review translations in images & sounds, and correct any issues, such as the timing of displays & animations or the transitions and effects used. Polishing your Reel makes it visually perfect, and professional and provides proofreading and cleaning up any errors.

preview the edited video template

Step 8: Export and Share

When you think your video is ready, simply go to File > Export and choose the format for the final output, or the screen size desired. It can be shared directly on the Insta Page or it can be saved on the device for future use.

Therefore, to maximize the use of Wondershare Virbo, learn how the AI-powered templates can help you create engaging Instagram Reels in a simpler way. Make your content captivating and easy; gain a better reputation on social media with high-quality and brand-aligned Reels. For more details, kindly go through Wondershare Virbo AI Video Templates.


Implementing Instagram Reels templates is an easy process; all you need is the right tool to help. As demonstrated by the guide described above, anyone can easily create visually appealing, polished Reels that will engage your audience, improve your social media content, and showcase your creativity. Another factor that distinguishes a unique tool is that it is equipped with artificial intelligence and possesses many possibilities of customization, at the same time, it remains very simple and easy to use even for a novice content maker.

Wondershare Virbo is one such tool. Begin your journey toward producing effective and engaging Reels with Wondershare Virbo and elevate your social media presence.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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