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Accurately Translate Greek to English Voice Online

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 17, 24, updated May 31, 24

Want to order authentic souvlaki in Greece, but the menu speaks only Greek? Or maybe you want an English to Greek translation with pronunciation. It can be quite frustrating. Right?

The good news is_ with the world getting developed, language doesn't have to be a big obstacle anymore. We can now travel the globe, connect with anyone online, and even order delicious foods– all with a few clicks!

But translating spoken language can be tricky. To translate Greek to English voice with its fancy grammar and regional twists can be a real challenge. You may struggle to understand a conversation with a friendly Greek local, or missing out on key points in a business meeting because of language. Ugh!

That's where voice translation tools come in – like having a tiny translator in your pocket! You speak Greek into your phone, and voila! It instantly pops up in English. Sounds amazing, right? But wait, is every translation perfect?

When it comes to important stuff, like understanding legal documents or catching every detail in a scientific presentation, accuracy matters most. So, how do you find the best tool that can translate Greek to English voice? Don't worry, this article will be your guide! Read on to know!

In this article
  1. Why Can’t You Rely on Phrasebooks or Dictionaries?
  2. 5 Best Tools to Translate Greek to English Voice
  3. Translate Greek to English Voice in Wondershare Virbo Easily

Part 1. Why Can’t You Rely on Phrasebooks or Dictionaries?

Do you want an amazing trip to Greece? Crystal-clear water, delicious food... but then a thought hits you. What if you land and the menus are filled with squiggly Greek words? What if you wanted to talk with the friendly shop owner or a local, but your Greek is limited to "hello" and "thank you." Suddenly, that dream trip turns into a scramble for your phone's translator app.

And here, why phrasebooks and apps can’t help? Phrasebooks can be handy, but flipping through pages slows things down and breaks the conversation flow. Plus, translation apps sometimes get confused by slang, local dialects, or those long, winding sentences Greeks love to use. Suddenly, you're back to feeling like a tourist on "Kalimera" Island, stuck on the outside looking in.

There's a better way! You can use voice translation tools – like having a mini translator in your phone. You enter the text/voice in Greek, and it translates out in English within seconds. No more struggling with menus, missing out on conversations, or feeling like a lost tourist.

Buckle up, because this guide will help you find the perfect voice translation tool for translating Greek to English voice.

English to Greek translation dictionary

Traditional tools vs. AI powered tools

You search “Greek to English translation tool” and hundreds of results pop up. There are alot of tools to choose from- both traditional and AI powered. Before I discuss those tools, first, let me explain the difference between traditional tools and AI tools.

Traditional tools

  • Method:These tools rely on pre-programmed rules and dictionaries to find matches between words and phrases in different languages.
  • Strengths:
    • Free or low-cost.
    • Can be very accurate for translating simple sentences with common vocabulary.
    • May offer specialized dictionaries for specific fields.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Struggle with complex grammar, slang, and idiomatic expressions.
    • Limited ability to adapt to constantly evolving languages.
    • Translations can sound unnatural or robotic.
  • Examples:
    • Google Translate
    • Paper dictionaries

AI Powered Tools

  • Method:These tools utilize machine learning algorithms trained on massive datasets of real-world text and speech translations. They keep getting better at understanding context and nuance the more information it's exposed to.
  • Strengths:
    • Continuously learn and improve over time, leading to more accurate translations.
    • Can handle complex grammar and slang more effectively than traditional tools.
    • Some offer features like real-time voice translation and dialect recognition.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Can still make mistakes with new or rare phrases.
    • Reliant on the quality of the training data, which can be biased.
  • Examples:
    • Virbo
    • Notta

Part 2. 5 Best Tools to Translate Greek to English Voice

Whether you want to translate Greek to English voice or English to Greek, you need help with translation tools. Here, I'm going to list some of the best and authentic translation tools that you can use whenever needed.

  • Virbo by Wondershare
  • Google translate
  • Translate (iOS)
  • Notta
  • iTranslate

Wondershare virbo

Virbo by Wondershare is one of the most accurate text-to-speech conversion tools that I use personally. It’s super easy to use and you cantranslate English to Greek in both voice and video with subtitles. This tool uses advanced AI to automatically create translations in Greek, Italian, English, Thai, Chinese, French, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese,, and many more languages!

translate Greek to English with Virbo

Key Features:

  • AI Translation
  • AI avatars
  • AI scripts
  • AI voice
  • Text to speech conversion
  • AI video translator
  • It provides its services in over 300 + languages
  • User friendly interface
  • Generate high quality content in multiple languages using AI translation
  • Works pretty fast and saves your time
  • Can be used for both iOS and Androids
  • Might be bit technical for beginners
  • Some user may face interface issues


  • Monthly plan: US$ 9.99
  • Yearly plan-Essential: US$ 19.9
  • Yearly plan-Pro: US$ 199

Google Translate

Google's Translate is one of the best voice-to-text translator tools available in the market. t. It's a strong productivity tool that allows you to translate English to Greek translation with pronunciation — which can then be copied and pasted wherever you like.

  • Google Live Translate is absolutely free
  • Simple interface and is easy to use.
  • It can translate websites, documents, and words into text format.
  • Some translation languages are not available offline.
  • Only Android users can access offline features.
  • It might work well but not so accurately.


  • This tool is free without any cost
Google translate for online translation

Translate (iOS)

I tested many voice translation tools for iOS devices, Translate was one of the best tools among them. It has a pretty simple interface and works well for translating basic languages. It only supports 18 languages including Spanish, Greek, English, German, French and Chinese.

  • The translations are more accurate than those of other free options.
  • It's free to use
  • It's quite intuitive to use.
  • The AI voice translator uses general vocabulary.
  • Gives inaccurate results when working with complex or compound words.
  • It supports only a few translation languages.


  • Free
google translate for iphone and ipad


One of the most dynamic tools on this list is Notta. Basically, it uses AI to perform translation, transcription, and summarization. It has unique AI features compared to other tools that I tested. You can input live audio or import an audio file to translate English to Greek voice.

  • Supports 40+ translation and 58 transcription languages.
  • Has a high accuracy rate of 98.86%.
  • Available at a very reasonable pricing.
  • You'll need an active Internet connection to use this tool
  • The free plan lacks some features compared to paid plans.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $14.99/month
  • Business Plan: $27.99/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales
notta translate tool for Greek to English


iTranslate stands out as one of reliable tools for both Android and iOS devices. It can translate voices in over 100 languages. It's got an easy interface, and I like its camera lens translation feature. Just scan the documents or anything else around you — and iTranslate will show you quick translations.

  • An offline translation mode available (only in the pro plan)
  • Supports translation in 100+ languages.
  • The camera lens helps translate documents.
  • The free plan has unwanted ads.
  • Advanced features, like offline mode, camera translation, etc., are unavailable in the free plan.
  • Not be 100% accurate.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: Contact Sales
iTranslate for Greek to English translation online

Part 3. Translate Greek to English Voice in Wondershare Virbo Easily

Why You Should Prefer Virbo?

I’ve discussed some reliable translation tools above along with their pros and cons. But remember, not all translations are created equal. Choosing the right tool depends on what you need most. For accurate and natural-sounding Greek to English voice translation, Wondershare Virbo stands out. It tackles those tricky dialects and accents, ensuring your conversations are smooth and frustration-free. Plus, its easy interface, accuracy of translation and advanced AI features make it unique and authentic translation software.

Step by Step Process:

Here is the step by step guide to translate Greek-to-English voice using Virbo.

  • Step 1 Download/Open Wondershare Virbo
  • Download and install the app. You can also use it online on the Virbo site.

    download virbo AI translation app

    Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2. Input your text
  • Now simply input your text into the caption box. Click> AI Translate above the box.

    input text to translate into English
  • Step 3. Choose Language
  • Choose the target language i.e. English from the drop-down box. Click "Apply" to finalize the AI translation.

    translate text into any language
  • Step 4. Output Text and Subtitles
  • Upon accurate translation, subtitles are displayed in both the caption area and on the video preview screen. You can modify subtitles as needed.

    download your translation


    Translating languages with great accuracy can be a challenging task. There are tons of tools to translate Greek to English voice within minutes __but surely not all are accurate.

    We tested and tried these translation tools covered in this blog. Next time, if you need to translate text into voice or video in any language, these tools will be worth using. Among them, Virbo is the most advanced and accurate AI translation tool. It has advanced AI features and an easy to use interface. You can use it for translating videos, texts, scripts and what not!

    Get Started Online Free Download


    • How to translate Greek audio to English?
      You can translate Greek audio to English simply by using translation tools such as Virbo, notta and Veed. These tools have greater accuracy and advanced AI features.
    • What are the most accurate Greek translation tools?
      The most accurate translation tools you can rely on are: Google translate, Virbo, Notta, iTranslate and Doulingo.
    • Which AI can translate audio?
      Wondershare Virbo AI can translate audio or text in any language you want. Just input the file or text, and you'll get a voice translation within a minute.
    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 31, 24
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