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SRT Subtitle Translation: Tools and Techniques

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Dec 01, 23, updated May 31, 24

In a multilingual world, the single largest barrier to effective communication is language. Nobody knows all the languages spoken around the world, do they? What to do to break this barrier of communication? In the domain of audiovisual content such as on YouTube, we leverage subtitles to break that barrier. How? By using online SRT translation software to auto translate SRT file into the language of our audience. Sounds fascinating? Read on to learn how to translate SRT online yourself!

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In this article
  1. Why Is Using Online SRT Translation Tools Recommended?
  2. Top Online SRT Translation Tools
  3. How To Choose The Best Tool To Translate SRT File
  4. How To Use An Online SRT Translation Tool To Translate SRT Online
  5. Translate Video To Any Language Of Your Choice With Wondershare Virbo

Part 1: Why Is Using Online SRT Translation Tools Recommended?

You might be wondering why you would translate SRT subtitles online when you can do them yourself. The simple answer is that you cannot translate SRT subtitles online and reach a global audience by yourself. You might know one language, or two, or maybe five or ten. Twenty? Okay, you might know 20 languages. According to UNESCO World Atlas of Languages (UNESCO WAL) there are over 7000 languages in use. You certainly do not need to know or translate into those many.

To reach a global audience of 195 countries (193 recognized by UN) you only need a handful, and you might be able to get by with what you know. But, how about using an online SRT file translator to get the job done faster, more accurately, and in a greater number of languages than you can? This way, you free up your time to do more important tasks than being a translator!

  • Online SRT translation is fast.
  • Online SRT translation is efficient and timesaving.
  • Online SRT translation is accurate (depending on chosen tool).
  • Online SRT translation translates into many more languages than we know.
  • Online SRT translation allows us to reach a larger audience.
  • Content engagement shoots up due to wider availability of subtitles.
  • User retention rate increases as a larger number of users can connect with your content due to subtitles in their native language.

Part 2: Top Online SRT Translation Tools

What are the top SRT translation tools online available to us today? Let’s dive into them and give you a gist and their pros and cons!

2.1: Translate Subtitles

translate subtitles webpage

One of the best online SRT translate tools, Translate Subtitles is an online SRT translator that is easy and intuitive to use. We are classifying the features into Pros and Cons.


  1. Supports 6 subtitle formats (srt, sub, sbv, ass, vtt, and stl) for translation.
  2. Can translate into all languages that Google Translate supports.
  3. Can translate 20 files at once.
  4. Free to use.


  1. Uses Google Translate, so it is as good or bad as Google Translate.
  2. Supports file size up to 1 MB only.

2.2: Subtitles Translator

subtitles translator webpage

Subtitles Translator is another powerful online subtitle translator you can use, with features similar to Translate Subtitles.


  1. Can translate 20 files at once.
  2. Supports the same 6 file formats as Translate Subtitles (srt, sub, sbv, ass, vtt, and stl).
  3. Provides a subtitle converter to convert between subtitle formats.
  4. Provides a subtitle editor you could use to make changes.


  1. Maximum file size supported is 1 MB only.

2.3: Maestra AI

maestra ai webpage

Maestra is one of the most powerful subtitle translators online. Its feature list will have you drooling over it, but it does not come without its cons. Here are the pros and cons of Maestra.


  1. Support for over 125 languages.
  2. Easy to use and fast subtitle translator.
  3. Subtitle editor available to make changes.


  1. Pricing could be a turn-off for some users.

2.4: VEED.IO

veed webpage

VEED.IO is a popular subtitle translation online software that offers better accuracy than some of the other competitors as its unique selling point.


  1. Better accuracy than some other online SRT translation tools.
  2. Subtitle can be downloaded in a different subtitle format.
  3. Direct upload of files from YouTube is possible.


  1. Can be expensive to use owing to features you might not need.


wondershare media io webpage is a product from Wondershare Company, which means that it has all the hallmarks every other Wondershare product comes with – legendary ease of use married with unparalleled power. What can do for you?


  1. supports 127 languages.
  2. Translated subtitles match the audio/ video automatically.
  3. Rich subtitle editor offers the best way to edit, customize and stylize subtitles.
  4. Included video editor offers a full spectrum of useful features such as the ability to add music, elements, logos, voiceovers, etc.
  5. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence) for leading accuracy.


  1. Free version limited to a file size of 250 MB.

2.6: smartcat

smartcat webpage

Smartcat deserves a special mention in the online srt translation space due to its support for 280 languages. Yes, you read that right. It supports those many languages! Here are some pros and cons of Smartcat.


  1. Support for over 280 languages!
  2. Over 90% accuracy rate.
  3. Ability to collaborate with people to edit subtitles.
  4. Sharing is possible.


  1. There is an intriguing word count limit of 150,000 words per year for translation.

Part 3: How To Choose The Best Tool To Translate SRT File

Now, with all those options looking rather equally viable, how do you choose? Do you just pick one and go? Well, yes and no. If you just want to see how things work, any of those options is going to serve as a good measure. However, when you want to translate SRT subtitles online in a more professional way wherein your reputation and image are on the line, you want the best of the best. Here is how to choose just the right online subtitle translation tool for you.

3.1: Ease of Use

How easy is an online subtitle translation software to use? Most online SRT translation tools boast a simple, 3-step process. You will not find much variance here, because it is just a simple upload, translate, and download process.

3.2: Editing Features

Online SRT subtitles translator software may provide you with editing features. These editing features can be used to differentiate between products and are worth looking into. If one online editor does not have something that the other offers, clearly the other is your tool, other factors notwithstanding.

3.3: Format Support

Most software to translate SRT online support a number of subtitle formats. However, one or two might not support the format you want to use, so check the number of formats supported before using an online tool to translate SRT subtitles.

3.4: Translation Accuracy

When translating subtitles online, you want an online SRT translation tool with the highest possible accuracy to have a reasonable surety with respect to the quality of the translated subtitles. You do not want to appear immature and unprofessional due to poor quality of subtitles, do you?

3.5: Data Privacy

Now this one is KEY. No matter how good that online SRT translator AI tool is, you do not want to use it for your subtitles if that tool does not afford you a rock-solid data privacy. When you upload SRT to an online SRT translation software, what does that software do with your file afterwards? Does it store it forever? How is the communication between your device and their server happening? These are important questions that need clear answers for any user, but especially so when translating sensitive content or proprietary content.

Part 4: How To Use An Online SRT Translation Tool To Translate SRT Online

Let’s get down to using an online SRT translation tool to translate an SRT file online. We will use for the purpose.

Step 1: Launch the online subtitle translator tool and click Subtitles from the sidebar.

edia io subtitle editor window

Step 2: Click Upload Subtitle File and upload your subtitles. Subtitles will be loaded and shown.

media io subtitle translator online

Step 3: In the tab above, click Translate and select a target language from the dropdown and click Translate.

choosing target language media io

Step 4: When the subtitles are translated, download the subtitles in the format you want. That’s it!

downloading translated subtitle media io

Bonus Tip: Translate Video To Any Language Of Your Choice With Virbo

Apart from subtitles, what about videos? Can we translate videos online easily? Yes! There is just the tool for that, too!

Wondershare Virbo: The Ultimate Online Video Translator

Wondershare Virbo was designed and developed with you in mind. It is by far the easiest way to translate videos online. Here are the steps to use Wondershare Virbo to translate your videos online.

 Translate Video Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1: Go to the Wondershare Virbo Online website.

Sign In with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID, or use your existing Wondershare Account. Else, create a new Wondershare Account and proceed.

virbo online video translator

Step 2: Add a video to translate. Then, choose the original video language and the target translation language, that is, the new language you want to translate your video to.

select target translation language

Step 3: Click Translate. When the process is over, save the translated video to a location of your choice.


advanced features in virbo online

Wondershare Virbo comes with 3 advanced features:

  1. You can use the power of AI to create perfectly lip-synced videos in line with the target language. Try it to believe it!
  2. Enable Subtitle option to burn the translated subtitles directly into the video. This should only be done if there are no subtitles already present in the video.
  3. Enabling Proofread Video Script option automatically parses and proofreads the video script for more accurate video translation.

 Translate Video Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure


Gone are the days when you had to make separate videos for every language you wanted your videos to be in and had to hire linguists to proofread and check your subtitle files in case you were using subtitles in different languages for your videos. Today, you can auto translate subtitles online using any of the freely available online SRT translation tools. However, this guide shows you how to select the right tool for you, and as bonus, gives you an easy-to-use tool to translate videos into any language easily!

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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