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Top 10 AI Subtitle Translators for Content Creators That Anyone Can Use

Virbo Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are over 7,000 languages in the world. In such a diverse world, there’s one way for any content creator to reach as many as possible: Subtitles. Yes, with subtitles, you can reach even those people who do not understand your language. There’s one problem, though. Manually subtitling is time and effort-consuming. It’s also prone to mistakes. Solution? AI Subtitle Translator tools. These handy tools quickly and efficiently change spoken content into written text in multiple languages. So, if you’re searching for the best subtitle translator to make your content stand out, we’re here to help. Read on to find out the 10 best AI subtitle translators available today!

In this article
  1. How AI Subtitle Translators Work
  2. Top 10 AI Subtitle Translators
  3. AI Subtitle Translation: Challenges & Limitations

Part 1. How AI Subtitle Translators Work

Before we move on to the best subtitle translators, it’s important to understand how these AI tools work.

How Automatic Subtitles in Multiple Languages Work

Auto-translated machine or AI captions, or multilingual subtitles, offer real-time subtitles in a different language alongside the source speech. They are created through automatic speech recognition, machine translation technologies, or AI-based solutions. These tools convert audio into text (or speech) in the target language.

How To Measure Translation Quality

When you let AI translate subtitles, there can be quality issues. The Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM) framework, led by the European Commission, categorizes translation quality issues, including accuracy, style, fluency, locale conventions, terminology, etc. Organizations often provide translators with style guides glossaries, and build a translation memory for consistency across their works. The quality of translation is assessed based on usefulness and how well it serves its purpose.

Machine Translation for Live Captions – Not All Are Equa

In the last two decades, Language Service Providers (LSPs), translation agencies, and freelancers have adopted machine translation to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Various text-to-text translation engines exist, such as Google Translate, DeepL Translate, and Microsoft Translator, utilizing different types of machine translation like rule-based, statistical, adaptive, and neural. Neural machine translation has gained popularity for its powerful and satisfactory results, although different engines may excel in specific language combinations and produce varying results.

Part 2. Top 10 AI Subtitle Translators You Can Use

1. Wondershare Virbo

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Wondershare’s Virbo is primarily an AI Avatar video generator. But it has a fantastic feature set, which includes an AI subtitle translator. No need to manually type out translations. You can use Virbo’s advanced AI solution to create subtitles and subtitle translations in 20+ languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Spanish, French, Korean, and Japanese among others.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Bulk translations
  2. Only translates voice: No BGM or songs
  3. AI audio for translated Text
  4. Select dialects of various languages

2. SubtitleBee

 Subtitlebee AI subtitle translator

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SubtitleBee is another great subtitle translator. It has a very friendly interface, allowing quick text edits and subtitle customization. SubtitleBee also lets you choose between different fonts, change styles and colors according to your preferences. It’s auto-subtitling tool is particularly handy for YouTube videos, as you can just enter the video link and leave the rest to SubtitleBee.

Free Trial: Not Available

Unique Features
  1. Automatically adds captions and subtitles
  2. Allows subtitle customization
  3. Supports 120 languages
  4. Has a drag-and-drop editor

3. Bing Microsoft Translator

 Bing translator

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Microsoft’s Bing Translate is a very interesting choice. You can use it absolutely free of cost to translate texts, subtitles or entire webpage into a different language. It can translate into all the major languages of the world. But the only problem is that you would have to provide text to translate as it cannot generate subtitles from a video.

Free Trial: Totally Free

Unique Features
  1. Supports almost all languages of the world
  2. Can translate entire web pages or text into different languages
  3. Absolutely free of cost AI translate subtitles
  4. Integrates with MS Office and Edge

4. Flixier

 Flixier AI subtitle translator

Translate Online Download APP Now Free Download

Flixier is a powerful video editing platform. It offers a range of options to streamline your content creation workflow, including team collaboration, auto subtitle creation, AI subtitle translation, and customization among others. With Flixier, you can automatically create, edit and translate subtitles in over 30 languages as per your needs. Oh, and it supports all major subtitle formats like SRT, VTT SCC, etc.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Very fast and accurate online subtitle translator
  2. Supports 30+ languages of the world
  3. Can translate SRT, VTT, SUB, DFXP and SCC file types
  4. Allows manual edits to subtitle


 Veed AI subtitle translator

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VEED is a very popular AI subtitle translator. With an accuracy rate of 95%, VEED empowers you to tailor content for global audiences with ease. It’s fast, it’s accurate, and it supports on-the-go functionality. What’s more, you can directly add the translated text to your video or download them as subtitles for offline editing. Like other AI translators on this list, VEED is incredibly simple and easy to use – even for non-techies.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Lets you edit multiple languages
  2. Supports 100 languages
  3. 95% translation accuracy rate
  4. Supports Customization

6. Simplified

 simplified translator

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A relatively new tool, Simplified expands your global reach by easily creating and translating subtitles. It’s incredibly easy to use, offering individual as well as collaborative features to get the job done. Beyond subtitles, Simplified offers a range of other useful tools for content creators. These include, AI Writer, Video Animator, Text-to-Speech, Voiceovers, and Video Editor, etc.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Auto subtitle generator and translator
  2. Can work with SRT files or Videos
  3. Collaborative team features
  4. Plenty of other tools for simplified content creation

7. Nova

 Nova subtitle translator

Translate Online Download APP Now Free Download

Nova AI subtitle translator is another great option for audio and video content. Once the text has been generated, it’s easily accessible in the subtitle panel, giving you options to edit and meet your needs. Moreover, you can also personalize how you interact with by creating distinct phrases and creating your own unique style.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. 97% subtitle accuracy rate
  2. Supports 75 languages of the world
  3. Allows subtitle downloads in SRT and TXT files
  4. Subtitle sync feature


 Media IO subtitle translator

Translate Online Download APP Now Free Download is one of the oldest AI subtitle translators and still remains one of the best. The best thing about is that you don’t need to download software on your PC/device. Simply upload your video on’s online platform, translate your subtitles and you’re done. You can also preview different alterations before finalizing or downloading your content.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Supports 90 languages
  2. Generates highly accurate subtitles
  3. Offers cross-platform compatibility
  4. Supports almost all video formats

9. Subly

 Subtly AI subtitle translator

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This is the first time Subly has made it to our top 10 list, and not without a reason. Subly has added some fantastic new features along with support for translating subtitles into 73 different languages. This AI subtitle translator now also allows quick adjustments like font, color, appearance and size, etc. Subly also has a subtitles app with which you can easily turn audio into videos by adding photos and logos.

Free Trial: Not Available

Unique Features
  1. Supports 73 languages
  2. Team Collaboration feature
  3. Allows subtitle export in TXT, SRT and VRT formats
  4. Auto video translation

10. Smartling

 smartling translation service

Translate Online Download APP Now Free Download

Smartling is a cloud-based translation solution for businesses. It provides content localization and translation services in over 150 languages. What’s unique about Smartling is that it uses a combination of AI and human translators to give you the most accurate translation possible. Smartling is known for its Translation Management System that can integrate with various CMSs and other tools for a hassle-free translation solution.

Free Trial: Available

Unique Features
  1. Supports over 150 languages
  2. Easy integration with different CMS and tools
  3. Translation memory and terminology management services
  4. Automates workflows

Part 3. AI Subtitle Translation: Challenges & Limitations

Even though AI has made strides in improving translations, there are still some limitations. Below are 4 major challenges:

  1. AI subtitle translator tools often struggle with contextual nuances, resulting in glaring misinterpretations.
  2. Capturing and translating idiomatic expressions accurately still poses a significant challenge for AI systems.
  3. AI lacks cultural understanding, leading to translations that sometimes don’t align with cultural differences.
  4. Diverse speech patterns or accents often affect the accuracy of AI-generated subtitles.
  5. AI tools still face difficulties with complex sentence structures


So, these are the top subtitle translators available today. These tools simplify the translation and transcription of video content and help boost its global reach. Each tool brings its unique features and advantages to the table. However, Wondershare Virbo stands out as the best AI subtitle translator when we consider its overall usefulness. It uses advanced AI to give you accurate translations, boasts a friendly interface and saves an incredible amount of time. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Virbo Feb 21, 24
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