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Maximize Yandex Translate in Video Translation and Beyond

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Dec 11, 23, updated May 31, 24

Technological advancements in the world of video translation have transformed how content is being consumed. Away from automated translation and video dubbing, Yandex translate video allows users to watch videos with instant voice-over translation. By just clicking on the play button of a video, the Yandex video translate feature brings you to a world of new possibilities. In this article, we explore how the Yandex browser translate video works and how it compares to Google. We’ll also share some pro tips for efficient video translation with Yandex translate video.

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  1. Yandex Browser Video Translation Overview
  2. Google vs. Yandex: A Comprehensive Comparison
  3. Pro Tips for Efficient Video Translationhot icon

Part 1. Yandex Browser Video Translation Overview

Yandex browser video translation is a useful tool for watching videos in your native language. The feature is designed to allow users across the globe to watch videos in their native language, regardless of the original language used. This unique feature automatically translates the audio track of a video, displaying the subtitles in a language of your choice.

Capabilities of Yandex Translate in Video Translation

The Yandex browser video translation comes with an in-built translator that shows words and phrases in the language being used in the browser interface. It also comes with additional features, including translating Yandex emoji and Yandex photo translate which improves user experience. These features recognize text in images, providing translation over the source text. This means that you only need to view a video and it will automatically generate subtitles in the language you are using with the browser.

yandex browsers translation

Yandex browser translate video feature automatically detects the language of the loaded pages. It will then ask you if you want to translate it, and allow you to open the translation dialog window once you click the SmartBox. In only a few simple steps, you can translate the languages in any video, text, or image.

  1. Click “Translate” in the window of the Yandex Browser to translate the page text. From the page text that appears, click Show Original in the window.
  2. When you play videos, click on the “SmartBox” indicating Translate Video that hovers on top of the video. Choose the language that you want, and select “Show Subtitles”. Yandex will automatically translate the video, allowing you to view it in your native language.

yandex video translate


  • Supports Multiple Languages: With Yandex video translate, you can watch any video in over 90 languages
  • Accurate Subtitles: The Yandex browser translate video feature automatically generates highly accurate subtitles using speech recognition technology
  • Live Translation: Translate any live stream videos in real-time, including conferences and news broadcasts in foreign language
  • Offline Translation: Yandex Translate works seamlessly offline by allowing users to download subtitles to their devices for viewing later
  • User-friendly Interface: Yandex browser translate video has an easy-to-use and highly intuitive interface that requires users to only click on the Translate button to access the subtitles


  • Users have complained that Yandex translate videos often contain some errors in pronunciation
  • Live translation and online video translation usually require an internet connection, and may not always be useful
  • The video translation feature is only limited to the desktop version of the Yandex browser
  • Users have limited control of the Yandex video translation process, including customizing the subtitles or changing the translation process
  • Certain features may be technical for some users and only support certain video formats like MP4 and WEBM

Part 2. Google vs. Yandex: A Comprehensive Comparison

Making a choice between Google and Yandex for video translation can be challenging. The two search engines offer unique experiences and allow users to achieve various tasks. However, each has its strengths and weaknesses. As you explore the options for Google Translate Yandex, let’s have a look at what stands out the most for each.

Here is a quick comparison:

Metrics Google Translate Yandex
Supported Languages 135 102
Maximum Documents File Size 10MB 5MB
Supported Image Formats JPG, JPEG, PNG JPG, PNG, GIF
Website Translation Yes Yes
Mobile App Android & iOS No
Offline Use Yes No
Translate History Yes Yes
Voice Input Yes Yes
Translate Handwriting or Virtual Keyboard Yes No
Translate Widget For Android Users Only Yes

For a comprehensive comparison, keep reading!

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is widely used both on PC and mobile devices. The easy-to-use feature instantly translates languages in text, images, documents, and websites. With an impressive range of 130+ languages, Google Translate appeals to a whole range of audiences.

google translate


  • Larger language support: Supports over 100 languages, making it more versatile.
  • Wider platform availability: Available across the web, mobile apps, and various integrations.
  • High accuracy: Generally considered the industry standard for translation accuracy.
  • Advanced features: Offers offline translation, dictionary lookup, and image translation.
  • Extensive data: Trained on a massive dataset, leading to more natural translations.


  • Limited context sensitivity: May struggle with complex sentences or cultural nuances.
  • Limited customization: Users have limited control over the translation style or tone.
  • Privacy concerns: Google collects user data for its translation engine.

2. Yandex Translate

The Yandex Translate feature boasts synchronized translation for 102 languages. The feature can translate documents, videos, images, documents, and other forms of media. It also comes with additional capabilities such as predictive typing, pronunciation, dictionary with transcription, context, and usage examples.

yandex translate


  • Stronger in Eastern European languages: Offers superior accuracy for languages like Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Live translation: Provides real-time video translation for live streams and conferences.
  • User-friendly interface: Simpler and more intuitive interface compared to Google Translate.
  • Offline translation: Allows downloading subtitles for offline video viewing.
  • Strong in technical terms: Handles technical jargon and terminology more effectively.


  • Limited language support: Supports fewer languages than Google Translate.
  • Limited platform availability: Primarily available on Yandex Browser.
  • Less accurate for some languages: May struggle with languages outside its focus area.
  • Fewer advanced features: Lacks some of the features offered by Google Translate.
  • Less data: Trained on a smaller dataset, which can affect translation accuracy.

3. Choosing the Right Tool for Your Translation Needs

The choice between Google Yandex translate options will depend on your specific needs. Each search engine has its own unique features that make it useful for various kinds of users.

yandex translate vs google translate

When you need translation for a wider range of languages and platforms, you will find Google Translate a better option. However, Yandex Translate is a better choice when looking to translate Eastern European languages. It is also more useful when you are interested in translating live streams and news broadcasts in a foreign language. In the end, both search engines are helpful and will achieve the desired goal.

Part 3. Pro Tips for Efficient Video Translation

Achieving efficient video translation starts with choosing the right translation. As explained in the previous section, Google and Yandex Translate features are easy to use and produce great results. However, you need to consider your language needs and the level of accuracy you are aiming for before making a choice. To achieve better results, software designed to specially translate videos will do a better job.

Best Free Online Video Translator – Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo stands out as an effective tool that accurately translates videos in minutes. The AI-powered tool is designed to translate videos, or even generate engaging videos almost instantly. You can further convert text into professional spokesperson videos or translate the voice in your videos to the desired subtitles language. This easy-to-use and provision of great results within a short time makes Virbo a good choice for various kinds of projects. You only need to upload your video to the software, and Virbo will do all the heavy lifting.

Translate Video Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Compatibility of Wondershare Virbo:

  • Online, Windows, Android, iOS devices

Key Features of Wondershare Virbo:

  1. AI Video Translator: This feature allows you to achieve global communication with Virbo. Easily translate video content in over 20 languages for viewership and audience needs.
  2. Auto-Generate Script: Virbo eliminates the need to manually write your script by automatically generating it and ensuring consistency in language and tone.
  3. AI Cloning Voices: Virbo infuses emotion and vitality in your videos to appeal to different kinds of audiences.
  4. Lip-Sync Precision: With high precision in lip-sync, every part of the video is harmoniously synchronized to a great viewing experience.
  5. Soundtrack Reserved: Virbo enhances audience engagement by making video content more memorable.



  • Virbo is widely compatible with different kinds of mobile and PC devices, offering a more versatile experience
  • An affordable video translator tool that offers budget-friendly prices for all kinds of users
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface for accurate video subtitle translations
  • Multiple language support for various video needs
  • Translate videos in the same platform without having to edit subtitles manually


  • Limited language support compared to some advanced and paid options
  • Lacks advanced features offered by paid services

How to Use Wondershare Virbo to Translate Video

How to translate video with Virbo? You can do this by following the instructions provided below:

Step 1. Open the Wondershare Virbo Online Tool

Click "Translate Video Online" to open the Wondershare Virbo online tool on a browser. You can also download it on your computer or mobile device.

 Translate Video Online Download APP Now Free Download

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Step 2. Access Video Translate and Upload Video

Following this, proceed with the “Video Translate” feature from the “More AI Tools” section. Upload your video file by tapping on the “Click to upload video” option, and the video length can be a maximum of 5 minutes. Moreover, the maximum supported file size is 500MB, and file types are MP4 and MOV.

go to video translator

Step 3. Choose Target Language and Advanced Settings

Before starting the video translation process, you need to choose the “Target Language” and enable other advanced settings such as Lip-sync, Subtitle, or Proofread video script. After that, press the “Translate this video” button to initiate the AI video translation process.

complete settings

Step 4. Check the Video Script and Finalize the Translation

In case you have enabled the “Proofread video script” feature, you will be able to check the translated video script and edit it according to your requirements. Afterward, press the “Translate video” button and download your translated video once the process is completed.

translate video

 Translate Video Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure


The Yandex browser video translation is a popular feature for instant and quick video translations. The features work well with different kinds of videos, especially live streams and news broadcasts in Eastern European languages. Although the in-built features offer unique experiences to customers, it is limited in some ways.

Since choosing the right tool is the first step to successful video translation, going with installable software will produce better results. We recommend installing Wondershare Virbo to handle your video translation needs. This is the best free online video translator that is AI-powered to meet the specific needs of various kinds of audiences.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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