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6 Best Free Ads Script Generators to Drive Clicks

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 10, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Suppose you run a small business and can't afford to launch expensive ad campaigns. Does it mean your products or services will remain limited to a particular demography? NOPE! Thanks to AI, there are now inexpensive and even FREE ways to generate an ad script that will drive clicks, expand your clientele base, grow your band, and ultimately give you a great profit!

An ad script generator is the next evolution of how businesses use technology to grow, and you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't seize the opportunities and benefits it offers:

  • Time Efficiency – An ad script generator takes very little time to generate scripts; time equals money for brands and marketers!
  • Creativity – Generates creative AI generated ads to break writer's block!
  • Cost Effective – No need to hire professional but expensive scriptwriters, especially if you're a budding business!

It's one thing to know that AI can now generate a commercial script for you, but how can you use it?

  • Radio Ads – It's easy for the ad generator to write a script that captures the listener's attention.
  • Short Movie Sales – For short videos like this, the free ad creator can create compelling scripts focusing on selling points while keeping your viewers engaged.
  • E-commerce – For these ads, you want scripts with perfectly placed CTAs (call-to-action) and those highlighting features that turn viewers into customers.
  • Small Business – No need for a large marketing team to produce professional-sounding ads because the ad script writer will do it for you, whether you want scripts for online videos, radio, or social media.

Here comes the juicy part: Below are six excellent and free ad script generators you can use for your business!

In this article
    1. Wondershare Virbo
    2. LogicBalls
    3. Taskade
    4. Creatify
    5. CapCut

    Top-rated Free Advertising Script Creators

    Wondershare Virbo

    best free ad script creator - virbo ai

    We'll kick off with the best on the list: Wondershare Virbo! You can use this ad maker free to generate an engaging script, whether you're starting a business or are already established and want to scale up. Whether you want the AI generated ads to be in video, animation, text, or AI avatars, Virbo has all the tools and features you'll need.

    Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, any web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.

    Download Virbo App for Free
    for iOS
    for Android
    secure download
    • Takes seconds to generate an ad script.
    • The hundreds of avatars mean there will always be a perfect avatar to match the flow and theme of your ad script.
    • Use multiple expressive voiceovers to add life to your ad.
    • Limited to 30GB of storage in the base plan to store your commercial script, video ads, etc.


    best ad script generator - logicballs

    LogicBalls call their ad script tool an "advanced Advertisement Script Generator;" its primary selling point is the speed with which it can create scripts. It's pretty intuitive, too, asking you to fill in details like selecting the ad's tone (casual, dry, edgy, formal, cheerful, etc.), the language, and the product description. It then collates all this info to effortlessly and efficiently generate a good commercial script.

    • Eliminates the need for human copywriters that might take hours to generate ad scripts.
    • Consistency across any ad campaign you start with the free ad creator.
    • Test different ad variations, enabling you to narrow down what works best for your brand and better optimization.
    • Must purchase the premium plan for unlimited words for the ai generated ads.
    • Only 20 premium images are in the base plan of the ad script tool.
    • Brand voices don't come in the pro plan; buy the premium plan to get them.


    best ad script generator - taskade

    This is one of the top advertising tools for transforming marketing campaigns into avenues to boost your brand and reap great awards! This customizable ad script tool was designed to appeal to marketers and brands. You can craft custom templates for your teams and generate a commercial script tailored for project management, marketing, and more. Another innovative feature of Taskade AI is the AI Chat, which you can use for support and to solve problems.

    • This free ad creator can manage your tasks and offer insights; think of it as a virtual team member.
    • Brainstorms and outlines script ideas for you, generating a script from scratch!
    • Train AI agents to research and complete tasks, including creating each new ad script for a business.
    • Can't utilize the power of GPT-4o in the free plan of this ad script writer.
    • The AI personas and tones are only available in the pro and team plans.
    • Must pay to get the AI summarizer.


    best ad script generator - creatify

    This powerful ad script writer is popular for being simple yet efficient. Use it to craft engaging marketing narratives that hook readers from the first sentence to the last!

    Creatify can transform each product URL into a compelling commercial script, primed to be converted into high-performing and engaging ads. The free ad creator can also use your product description to create a marketing video script for your audience. Currently it supports 29 languages, meaning you can reach a broader audience worldwide. You can even suggest adding a language to the developers via their Discord!

    • This free ad creator is specifically designed to generate scripts and advertising videos.
    • Uses data from thousands of the highest-performing ads to generate an ad script.
    • Features that enhance ad performance across multiple social platforms.
    • Must spend at least $27 to get premium stock footage to use with the ad script.
    • No access to the AI scriptwriter in the free plan.
    • Free tier exports with a watermark.


    best ad script generator - capcut

    Do you want targeted and effective social media marketing to elevate your business? CapCut offers an advertisement script generator that writes scripts intended to drive sales before anything else! Perhaps the best part of this add-maker is that it needs minimal input from you to create compelling scripts. All you have to do is share your product or services, type the brand name, and write a few selling points; the free ad creator will put everything together to give you an ad script that perfectly reflects your brand and voice!

    • Uses cues to craft five scripts so you can choose which best matches your brand.
    • Even after the AI generates the ad script, you can still tweak the wording to match your requirements and to perfection.
    • Free, and you can generate unlimited ads.
    • Primarily a video editor; the script generator might not be as sophisticated as the video editing tools.
    • Text editing capabilities are basic; no advanced formatting.
    • Switching between the AI scriptwriter and video editing apps can tamper with the creative workflow.

    best ad script generator -

    TThis is another fantastic tool for quickly generating high-converting ad copy! It excels in scraping URLs and brainstorming to give you unique creative advertising ideas for your industry.

    • Clean and simple interface makes using the ad script maker easier.
    • Generates the headlines, body text, and the CTA in language tailored to your audience.
    • Analyzing a product and generating a commercial script takes only a few clicks.
    • No unlimited words in the advertising tools until you pay for the Starter pack.
    • Must upgrade to access all the LLMs (Large Language Models).
    • Paying for a premium plan also gives access to a private community.

    How to Generate Effective Commercial Script Using AI?

    We've shown you why these ad script generators are the favorite of many brands. But we have one more gift for you: how easy and quick it is to generate a commercial script using Wondershare Virbo!

    Step 1Launch Virbo's desktop version or web version.

    Download, install, and launch the desktop version of Virbo or use the online platform. Once you launch Virbo, click "AI Script" at the top left corner of the tool's interface.

    launch ai script generator online
    Step 2Generate Commercial Script.

    On the page that opens up, you'll see a smaller window with instructions and the information you're expected to give our free ad creator to enable it to generate your script.

    Remember that your business niche or industry will determine the prompt you'll type to get each ad script. Here are examples of how you write prompts for the five major industries:

    • Tech Industry - Type prompts that emphasize technological advancement and how the product improves lives for the ad script.
    • Healthcare – The inputs should show the reliability of healthcare in reassuring and simple language.
    • Retail – Add information about discounts, high ratings, and product quality.
    • Financial Services – Write a prompt about using simple language to break down complex financial services and emphasize reliability and security.
    • Travel and Hospitality – Write a prompt highlighting the experiences associated with travel; ask the tool to employ storytelling to show unique aspects of travel destinations.

    Once you've typed your prompt in the "Send a message" field provided, click "Send," and the ad script tool will generate a script according to your requirements. Then, click "Create Video."

    create ad scripts using ai

    PS: Here's an example of an ad script Virbo crafted for us for the t-shirt/clothing industry:

    Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe to the next level? Introducing our latest, trend-setting t-shirt design that will make you stand out from the crowd!
    Don't let this opportunity pass you by - with its unique style and unmatched quality, this t-shirt is a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.
    Hurry and grab yours now before it's too late! Don't miss out on the chance to be a fashion icon with this exclusive t-shirt design. Order yours today and make a statement wherever you go!

    Step 3Export the Generated Ad Video.

    For this step, adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of the avatar that's reading the ad script. You can also enable subtitles, add stickers, change background, add music, etc. Click "Export," and our ad script writer will sync all your edits with the avatar reading the script to generate a video ad. Then, go to the video and click "Download" to save it on your system.

    export ad video
    Bonus Tips:
    • Capture the attention of your listeners or viewers with a strong hook in the ad script.
    • Focus on the benefits and not the features of the product.
    • Connect with your audience using emotions in the commercial script: tap into their fears, aspirations, and desires.
    • Give testimonials from satisfied clients; social proof is vital when creating an ad script.


    Every free ad creator in this review has fulfilled the needs of small businesses, large corporations like Nvidia and Cloudflare, and social media platforms like TikTok.

    Business owners have seen great results and a boost in sales from using AI generated ads, so it's a field that will only keep growing.

    But what you want is not just an AI scriptwriter; you want a tool that's tried and tested with glowing reviews from users worldwide, attesting to its efficiency in generating ads that drive clicks and close sales: Wondershare Virbo!

    Download Virbo App for Free
    for iOS
    for Android
    secure download
    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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