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Top 10 Robotic Voice Generators in 2024 [Updated]

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 01, 23, updated Apr 16, 24

AI is now able to not only interpret human speech and discern emotions but also carry on conversations. As a result, the need for robot voice generator text to speech tools is growing rapidly. Many businesses are providing AI-based robotic voice generators. However, it might be difficult to find good robotic voice generators that can produce clear or accurate voice outputs.


With that in mind, we are going to enlist the 10 best robot voice generators solutions for text-to-speech in this article. Keep reading to find out.

In this article
  1. Understanding Robot Voice Generation Technology
  2. Best 10 Robot Voice Generators
  3. Comparison of Robot Voice Generators
  4. Bonus Tips - Create Perfect AI avatar video with AI voicehot icon

Part 1. Understanding Robot Voice Generation Technology

A robot voice generator is simply a tool you can use to generate artificial voice. Why do you need one? You may have the need of a robot voice generator or AI voice generator for any reason. TTS or Text-To-Speech software always suffered from a singular problem – the voices always sounded robotic, hence the name robot voice generator. But we are living in the age of AI, and today, we have AI voice generators that can bridge that divide and bring to you life-like, expressive voiceovers that you would not be able to tell from a real human voice!

You can use these artificially created voices to read your text anywhere, especially today when video content rules the roost. You can use these voices to read documents and presentations and what not, for yourself, or for other people who may want to listen to the text. However, with AI voice generators, you can have even more uses for a robot voice generator, such as providing customer support to users through virtual assistants. You do not have to keep a human professional to take the calls, you could have 5 different virtual agents with 5 different voices generated using AI voice generators to make your business look larger than it is and serve more clients at once! The possibilities are endless!

Part 2. Best 10 Robot Voice Generators

Thanks to the AI, large quantities of voice samples and specialized equipment are no longer needed for voice cloning. The ability to replicate any kind of voice has become a lot easier thanks to recent advancements in AI and voice synthesis technologies. Today, we employ AI-generated voices often in video games, branding, animation film voice acting, voice assistants, audiobooks, etc.

1. Speechify


Any text may be converted into speech with Speechify. The web-based platform can convert PDFs, emails, documents, and articles into audio files that may be listened to instead of being read. You may pick from over 30 realistic-sounding voices and change the reading pace using this tool.

The text-processing software can recognize more than 15 different languages. It can also easily transform scanned printed text into audible audio.

You may instantly translate blog articles or online pages into spoken language with Speechify. It offers two choices for voice generation and may be installed as a Chrome Extension. You may either copy and paste text into the Speechify editor or input a URL to a web page that you wish to convert to voice.

  1. Speechify is web-based with plugins for Chrome and Safari
  2. The support of over 15 different languages
  3. You can choose a voice from more than 30 options
  4. Speechify also enables you to turn written text into speech effectively

2. Voicemod


Voicemod has a variety of ambient noises that will improve the quality of your robotic voice. The app also has handy toggle controls for background effects, ambient effects, and a voice changer, as well as the ability to activate or disable hearing your own voice. The greatest app to use to take use of the amazing voice-changing capabilities is Voicemod. It now contains more than 80 speech filters and is constantly adding more.

One of the well-known traditional robot voice changers for Windows 10/11 64-bit systems is Voicemod. The app has a ton of original and cutting-edge voice-changing effects that will enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of your podcasts, live streams, and games. By following a few easy steps, you can easily install the App for free on your Windows PC. Additionally, the premium user mode gives you access to a variety of speech filters and unique features.

  1. A variety of voice actors with amusing AI-based voices, including cartoon characters, celebrities, and anime are available in Voicemod
  2. Voice speed can also be adjusted in the Voicemod editor.
  3. You can share the speech through email or social media, or download it as an MP3 file.



Great features of the online editor at include the capacity to add emphasis and volume control, insert pauses into the narrative, and alter tempo and pitch. It is particularly helpful for turning text into real voices. Before importing or entering text, the program lets you choose a voice type and download the voice-over as MP3 or WAV files. quickly creates audio that sounds very lifelike. It provides more than 20 languages and more than 50 high-quality voices. You may use the tool to alter the tone of the speech that is created, choosing from options like cheerful, sad, or furious. It works by simply copying and pasting written text into the editor, then waiting for it to be converted to audio. You may even alter the amount of emotion.

  1. is free of cost.
  2. It is accessible online and doesn't need any system requirements.
  3. You can alter the voice in accordance with a pitch shifter, a phase, and a speed function.
  4. Through your browser, you may access it to generate robotic voices.



To help you produce the most realistic-sounding voices, provides a wide range of modification possibilities. You may choose from a number of voices and accents, and the UI is user-friendly. The text to speech generator offers customers access to a feature-rich AI voice-over studio with a built-in video editor, allowing you to produce voice-over videos.

This platform is at the forefront of creating algorithms for videos with text-to-voiceover and for usage in advertising. It is an excellent tool for podcasts since it enables content monetization through advertising. On the most popular streaming platforms, audio with commercial broadcasting rights may be converted and distributed using the text to speech generator. Additionally, it has the capability of instantaneously and simply producing AI-generated films utilizing simple text.

  1. ai can produce and market a plethora number of voiceovers for any purpose
  2. Unlike rival platforms, the robotic voices by are very realistic.
  3. You may choose to emphasize certain phrases to reflect a variety of emotions.



The excellent all-arounder merits a place on our list. Using the online application, you may turn your writing into a robot voice that can be downloaded as an audio clip. With just a few clicks, you can easily build a project, tweak a variety of voice qualities, and export it to your preferred game engines.

To make the AI voices seem authentic, studio makes it easy to experiment with tone, punctuation, and emphasis. There is a timetable as well, allowing you to precisely schedule AI speech to coincide with musical cues or audio cues. Speaking of music, studio has a vast library of stock music that you can quickly include into your project. It is also divided into categories by genre, mood, or BPM to make it simple to locate the ideal match.

  1. Using the Custom Neural Voice feature, can create a unique robotic voice
  2. You can choose from a variety of voices and languages presets
  3. You can also adjust the pitch, pace, pronunciation, pauses, and intonation in
  4. It also lets you design your own voice using customization tools; flexible and expandable to meet your demands.

6. Text-to-Speech Robot

For effective voice generation with the right text-to-speech tool, Text-to-Speech Robot offers a variety of 809+ voices under 129+ languages. With a change in dialect, users are able to create unique content for their voiceovers. All you have to do is enter the text and let the automated functions of the Text-to-Speech Robot process it. With a simple coverage of TTS service, this tool sets itself up among the top-rated options.

The expressive quality of this robotic text-to-speech tool makes it operable across different utilities. From basic content creation to the ability to create speech-synchronized facial animation, several operations are possible across this TTS innovation.

text to speech robot voice generator


  1. You can find the availability of the same languages in different dialects, thus covering a bigger audience.
  2. It allows you to play the voice of your selection before processing the entire text.
  3. Provides an option to amend the playback speed of the robot voice generator.


Voicebooking is known for its voiceover talents across the digital industry. With different options in voice generation, it provides a simple and exclusively effective AI voice generator to its users. It is not restricted to basic text-to-speech conversion, which makes it a competitive online voice generator in the market. Once you create a robotic voiceover through this explicit platform, you can easily utilize it in your video content, projects, or storyboards.

Continuing its dominance in the text-to-speech market, Voicebooking offers various features to enhance the voice being generated. However, one major drawback of this online platform is its lack of language and speaker availability. Regardless, Voicebooking can generate voices of all major languages and dialects.

voicebooking robotic voice generator


  1. You can define the speed and pitch of your voiceover generation.
  2. It provides a dedicated "Emphasis" option, which enables users to define the important parts of their voiceovers.
  3. Voicebooking’s interface provides the option of playing a specific selection of text after processing.

8. Narakeet

For a different experience in text-to-speech generation, Narakeet is a great option. This effective text-to-speech generator provides a simplistic interface for voiceover generation. Consequently, it is known for offering 700 variating voices in 90 defining languages. One exceptional ability of this robotic voice generator is its diversified uploading options.

From uploading Word documents to working with PPT or markdown (MD) files, Narakeet is surely a great option to go with. When it comes to generating basic robotic voices, it provides 20 different options for free. Narakeet is a good option for robot voice generation under specific use cases, as it can enhance the overall results with high-quality results.

narakeet robotic voice generator


  1. You can create voiceovers in 3 file formats, covering M4A, MP3, and WAV.
  2. It provides options to define the volume quality and speed of the generated voiceovers.
  3. From a single audio file to an audio file with closed captions or a complete ZIP archive, you can find such output options in Narakeet.

9. Robot Voice Generator

For quick operations, a Robot Voice Generator can be your go-to option in robotic voice generation. This simple TTS tool provides a cohesive online experience to its users with no hidden fees. Created with JavaScript, Robot Voice Generator can help you create personalized content in an instant. Not only this but the created voiceover can also be easily downloaded as an audio file onto your computer.

The major drawback of using this service is its restriction in languages. While it only accommodates English users, the quality of the created voiceover is commendable. For those with specific utility in TTS generation, the Robot Voice Generator is a good option to consider among the best.

robot voice generator online tool


  1. This unique TTS generator from LingoJam can create random sentences that can be processed.
  2. You can control the speed and pitch of your robotic voiceover across the tool.
  3. It offers a direct suggestion section to its users to help improve this free voiceover generator.

10. FineVoice Robot Voice Generator

This robot text-to-speech generator offers a very different set of options, which makes it a unique choice. One major advantage this voice generator offers is the variety of functionality, which also accommodates users who prefer speech-to-speech functions. FineVoice provides a myriad of options in its text-to-speech generator for creating robotic voices.

The variety of voice selections offered across FineVoice is a major upsell in the current market. You can also find special robotic characters in this list, which allows users to create better content. All in all, there are various additions that you can induce in your textual content, including changes in pitches and adding pauses.

finevoice robotic voice generator


  1. Apart from improving the speed of your voice generation, you can also set its “Rate.”
  2. Improve your voice generation by changing parameters such as emphasis and pitch.
  3. FineVoice is also available as an application, offering its users a wider range of possibilities.


Part 3. Comparison of Robot Voice Generators

To overview the best performer of the above-mentioned robotic voice generators, here’s a detailed comparison between the mentioned tools to create AI-backed robotic voices:




Robot voice styles

Multilingual support




Includes robotic, podcast voice, and voice changing feature

Up to 15 languages



Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

Voice changer, plenty of effects



No system requirements

Support voice changer




Includes a number of templates to change and modify robotic voices


Business subscription at $59/month

Completely ser-ver-based

Has a plethora of voice changing templates and editing tools


Business subscription at $59/month

Completely ser-ver-based

Has a plethora of voice changing templates and editing tools


Text-to-Speech Robot



Several voice changing options with different dialects

Supports more than 129 languages

Bronze: €3.99/month Silver: €7.99/month Gold: €16.99/month


With considerate voice-changing options, you can add different effects.

Up to 15 languages


30 minutes subscription at $6


With a wide variety of language and dialect selections

Supports more than 90 languages

Robot Voice Generator



A simple text-to-voice generator with speed and pitch adjustment


FineVoice Robot Voice Generator

Basic Plan: $5.99/month Pro Plan: $11.99/month Enterprise Plan: $31.99/month

Online and Windows

Comprehensive text-to-speech conversion with wide selection and property adjustment


Bonus Tips - Create Perfect AI avatar video with AI voice

AI-powered speech producing products are abundant on the market. Finding the ideal voice generator could be challenging since you have so many possibilities available. You could want to utilize Text to Speech software for a variety of reasons, including the fact that you create material or that you need voiceover. Virbo is your finest option in this regard. It is one of the most reliable and user-friendly platforms for creating robotic voices backed by the advanced AI algorithms.

Generate Voice Online Download APP Now Free Download


What is Virbo?

In order to produce speech that sounds like a person, Virbo robotic voice generator combine text-to-speech systems, voice recognition, and natural language processing (NLP). Virbo supports these techniques to the best of its ability. Virbo offers more than 500 AI voices in more than 150 languages and 20+ genres.

Voices have a genuine, human-like quality and are of a professional caliber, Virbo uses AI algorithm to embed these characteristics into the voice generation naturally. Furthermore, you may fine-tune your voice and give it the tone you desire by using the pronunciation editor, emphasis, speed control, and pitch control. 

Top Features:
  1. Professional producers can use Virbo to pitch control, emphasis, and its editor to fine-tune their productions.
  2. Virbo has cross-platform support utilizing a single ID that extends across the realms of many OS.
  3. It also possesses the ability to concurrently edit videos using Avatars and create customized voiceovers in video editing software.
  4. Virbo is a storehouse of AI voice resources including sound effects, stock images, royalty-free music, and nonverbal cues.

Steps to Generate Robotic Voice using Virbo:

Here’s the step-by-step guide to generate robot voice with the help of Virbo robotic voice generator:

Step 1: Download and Launch Virbo Software

In the first step, proceed by downloading the Virbo software from the link. Then install it into your system and launch the robotic voice generator right away.


Step 2: Create Video for Robotic Voice

Click on the Create Video button and it will take you into the Virbo editor after the successful login using your Wondershare ID.


Step 3: Customize the Video

Here, you can select your video script to generate the AI robotic voice of your choice. You can also import the script using the Import Asset button. Further, you can customize the video as well as robotic voice using the editing tools like Speed, Avatar, Sticker, Pitch etc.


Step 4: Save Robotic Voice

After that, click on the Export button and proceed with downloading the robotic voice generated by the Virbo.


Generate Voice Online Download APP Now Free Download


The AI technology for voice has been around for a long and has advanced significantly from its infancy. It was initially mostly used for amusement, but it has now developed to include a number of wider commercial and business uses. Additionally, software for language learning and navigation systems as well as mobile personal assistants all include robotic voice generators.

Robot voice generators are practical tools that may assist you in producing natural-sounding, realism-accurate robot voices for your projects or amusement. Talking of which, a complete AI speech solution is Virbo. It provides a text-to-speech robot voice service that enables you to convert your voice or text into a robotic sound. Visit the platform now to generate your ideal robotic voice using the magic of Virbo robotic voice generator.

Generate Voice Online Download APP Now Free Download

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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