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Create Talking Cartoon Images Using Top Tools in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Cartoon conversation images are a modern technique to convey messages effectively. People stick around because they learn best by seeing things in books or social media. Also, people like cartoons because they tell stories in pictures that are easy to understand and enjoy.

Cartoons have come a long way, from cave paintings and symbolic drawings to AI-powered conversational videos. This article will teach you the best ways to create chatting cartoon images.

making cartoon images with best tools
In this article
  1. Make Realistic Talking Cartoon Conversation Avatars With Wondershare Virbo
  2. How To Make Chatting Cartoon Images With Side Faces?
  3. Guide To Make Chatting Cartoon Images With Simple Lines?

Part 1. Make Realistic Talking Cartoon Conversation Avatars With Wondershare Virbo

Standing out as an influencer today can be difficult since you should always look for new trends to boost engagement. If you're struggling to stay on top of the rapidly changing trends, Wondershare Virbo is clearly right here for you. It allows you to add audio clips to your photos to engage people emotionally and send personal messages.

You can also add personalized background music to your talking cartoon images and give your viewers a unique experience. Virbo's talking photo feature has made static images a thing of the past. This new feature gives you high-quality AI audio to send your message as clearly as possible. Thus, you can go viral with this amazing tool in just a few simple steps.

Top Features of Wondershare Virbo

  1. Virbo Talking Photo offers you a wide range of high-quality avatars to bring to life. If that is not enough, you can upload any image you would like to convert to the avatar.
  2. The text-to-speech feature of this tool allows you to transform your text into an audio message in several languages and accents.
  3. You can also upload your voice as an audio clip. Within a few seconds, you can have your own talking images cartoon.

Steps of Using the Talking Photo Feature in Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo makes your life easier with its various features. You can easily create and edit videos with its Talking Photo feature. If you want to interact with the audience globally, follow the steps to create AI-avatar videos:

Step 1. Open the Platform and Select Talking Photo

First, open Wondershare Virbo to enter its interface. Once you open the platform, hit the “Talking Photo” feature in the “Home” tab.

start talking photo feature

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Step 2. Import the Image for Creating Video

After clicking the feature, a window will pop up on your device with the “Select an Image” option. Here, select the image of your choice and click on the “Create Video” option below to generate a video.

add images to create video

Step 3. Write a Script for Your Video

Once you pick the avatar, locate the text box on the left side of the window. Write an engaging script to convey a message through your realistic, talking animated avatars.

proceed to add text script

Step 4. Select Your Desired Language and Accent for Creating a Realistic Avatar

Start by clicking on the language menu to access a set of settings. Within this window, select the gender for the voiceover from the dropdown menu. Afterward, you'll be able to choose your preferred language and accent. Upon making these selections, click the “OK” button to proceed.

change language and gender

Step 5. Customize the Settings and Export the Talking Animated Video

Now, fine-tune the voiceover's speed, pitch, and volume using the sliders. Once adjustments are complete, you can save this realistic animated video by clicking the “Export” button.

process voiceover properties and export

Part 2. How To Make Chatting Cartoon Images With Side Faces?

As we discussed, chatting cartoon images have emerged as vital for engaging with the audience. However, it is not easy to generate side pose animated images using conventional tools. Users can face difficulty in finding a tool to create such images. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about this problem, as we have identified a suitable tool for you.

If you are also looking to create speaking cartoon images, Kapwing can prove to be a handy tool in this regard. This tool's animated video maker feature offers thousands of side-face animations and effects to make content more interesting.

Key Features of Kapwing

  1. You can simply prompt AI to generate side pose animated videos.
  2. It allows you to set custom backgrounds for your talking cartoon images.
  3. Kapwing even allows users to make creative memes with its built-in meme generator.

Guide To Make Side Face Chatting Cartoons via Kapwing

With the simple interface of this tool, you can bring your character to life in no time. Follow the steps below and make a perfect animation of conversation cartoon images.

Step 1. After accessing the Kapwing website, select the “Animated Video Maker” feature from the “Tools” section. Click the “Make an animated video” button to launch the editing interface.

start creating kapwing animated video

Step 2. Once you get to the editing interface, select the required canvas aspect ratio for your project. Then, head to the “Smart Tools” section from the “Project” tab and choose the “Video Generator” feature.

open video generator smart tool

Step 3. Type the relevant command in the prompt box to generate a video for side-face chatting cartoons. You can also set the language, voice, and video duration. Once you’ve set all the respective parameters, click the “Generate Video” button.

set topic and generate video

Step 4. After that, a pop-up window will appear to show the generating process. When it ends, click the “Export” button to save your project to your device. You can also share it across social media using the “Share” button.

export final animated kapwing video

Part 3. How To Make Chatting Cartoon Images With Simple Lines?

Brush Ninja is an online animation maker that helps to showcase your creativity. It has a pack of innovative features to turn you into an artist. You can make hand-drawn animations with multiple frames. Also, you can create desired GIFs with ease and confidence. It is one of the best open-source libraries for creating vector drawings with digital brushes.

Key Features of Brush Ninja

  1. With the online editor of Brush Ninja, you can draw and paint freely.
  2. Users can explore different brushes and colors to make 2D speaking cartoon images.
  3. This tool allows you to introduce multiple frames and sound effects for appealing animations.

Steps To Create Animations With Brush Ninja

Want to add animations to your casual or working tasks? Follow these steps individually to create impressive animations using the Brush Ninja tool:

Step 1. Initially, visit the official website of the Brush Ninja tool. On the site's main interface, click on the “Create” dropdown option to see available free art tools. Then, select the “Brush Ninja” tool from the list.

open brush ninja feature

Step 2. After going into the tool, select “Brush Type” from the given options, including pencil, marker, and more. Then, set the “Brush Size” from tiny to huge size options on the left side. After that, choose “Brush Color” from the available colors on the right side.

use brushes and customize

Step 3. With these selections, draw on the white canvas. Scroll slightly and hit the “Add +” button to add more frames. Also, you can check or delete them from the display. Moreover, there is also an option to duplicate frames.

add frames and duplicate

Step 4. Then, it is time to add sound effects. For that, click on each frame's “Sound” icon. In the “Sound Effects,” you can select the best-suited option for each frame. You can also listen to these sound effects before exporting.

include sound effects to brush ninja

Step 5. Lastly, you can preview your creation by clicking the “Play Animation” icon. If everything is fine, hit the “Export” option in the tool's top bar to save the animation.

play and export animated video


All in all, cartoon conversation images are a popular form of visual entertainment everyone enjoys. This guide has discussed some of the effective tools to create talking cartoon images. Moreover, we have introduced you to the creativity of making side-face conversations and hand-drawn animations.

However, if you want to cartoonize your content with a professional touch, Wondershare Virbo is the ultimate choice. This tool provides users with realistic AI avatars to generate cartoon images that satisfy their artistic sense.