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Easy Guide: How To Make Talking Head Videos

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Photos and videos always add more power to your marketing campaigns. From presentations to promotional videos, every visual helps to captivate the audience. So, why not make them more creative to generate maximum leads? This article presents an AI-powered tool that allows the creation of talking head videos for different purposes. Using an AI talking head video can assist in delivering your message with fun.

Moreover, you can also learn tips to make your interactive videos even more professional. Other than that, a dedicated section unveils some major types of talking head videos.

understanding details of talking head videos
In this article
  1. Getting To Know the Major Types of Talking Head Videos
  2. Create Perfect Talking Head Videos for Impressive Results Using Wondershare Virbo
  3. Where Can a Talking Head Video Be Put To Use?

Part 1. Getting To Know the Major Types of Talking Head Videos

A talking head video features a person talking directly in front of a camera. It can also include the shoulders or even the entire body of the speaker. You can generate these AI talking head videos by animating your pictures for more engagement. This type of video is mainly intended for tutorials, interviews, product reviews, and training. Most importantly, they help to improve your interactions with viewers.

Now, it’s time to explore the major types of talking head videos that serve different purposes. Let’s explore them one by one and learn how they are beneficial for you.

1. Explainer Talking Head Videos

An explainer video is the most common talking head video example. These videos are made to explain concepts or topics related to different subjects. Content creators use this type of video to make connections with their audiences. Moreover, some businesses use explainer videos on their landing pages for marketing purposes.

explainer talking head videos example

2. Business Talking Head Videos

Employees and shareholders can communicate through AI talking head videos in a corporation. They can also interact with customers to provide them with a personalized experience. Also, this type of video increases the engagement rate to grow your business.

business talking head video example

3. Interview Talking Head Videos

Using a talking head video strategy is helpful for interviews. In these videos, the speaker usually captures the face and some parts of the body while talking to the camera. Therefore, both sides can remain focused on what they are discussing. Moreover, one-to-one interactions help to understand the personality and skills in a better manner.

interview talking head video example

4. Product Review Talking Head Videos

Customers or content creators make product review videos to share their opinions about products or services. This example of a talking head video helps demonstrate a product to the audience with different perspectives. Business owners can create engaging videos to assist their viewers in understanding their products and services.

product review talking head video example

Part 2. Create Perfect Talking Head Videos for Impressive Results Using Wondershare Virbo

If you have a query about how to create talking head videos, this section provides the best solution. Here, we will introduce you to the best AI talking video creator, Wondershare Virbo. It provides an AI Talking Photo feature to make dull pictures come alive. Also, this tool facilitates both online and offline users to create content for marketing and other purposes.

There is a whole variety of AI avatars with different outfits and poses. You can choose your favorite avatar or picture to engage with the audience. Moreover, you can add text to convert it into a speech for your talking video. This tool even allows you to upload voice clips and customize them according to your needs.

Prominent Features of Wondershare Virbo

  1. AI Talking Photo feature allows you to add background music to your talking head videos for a personalized experience.
  2. Users can make creative talking heads videos in offline mode. Therefore, you can download the tool and use it without the internet.
  3. It has anAI script feature that can optimize the content of your AI talking head video.

Comprehensive Guide to Creating Talking Photo Videos Using Wondershare Virbo

You can generate dozens of videos within no time through Wondershare Virbo. Its AI features provide a next-level experience for crafting videos, which is explained as follows:

Step 1. Launch the Tool and Move To Create a Video

Download the Wondershare Virbo tool and launch it to access the functionality. Select the “Talking Photo” feature on the main interface to create a new project. After this, a pop-up screen with a wide range of avatars will appear.

launch talking photo feature

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Step 2. Import a Photo To Generate a Talking Head Video

Upon accessing the pop-up screen, hit the “Import Photo” icon to add your headshot to this tool. Once you import the picture, click the “Create Video” button to create your video.

add image to convert to video

Step 3. Add Text To Make Your Photo Talk

After that, select the “Text Script” option to type or paste the text. This text turns into a speech for your talking photo. You can also click on the “AI Script” feature to add text and try the smart optimizations that are given on the right side of the window.

create script for video using ai

Step 4. Choose the Desired Language and Accent

You can click on the languages menu to access a new pop-up window. In this window, you can choose the required language and accent. Next, click “Gender” from the drop-down you want to use for the voiceover. After selecting these options, hit the “OK” button to proceed.

change language and gender properties

Step 5. Adjust the Voiceover Features

Once you have selected the language and gender, it is time to adjust the voiceover properties. Drag the “Volume” bar to increase or decrease the volume. You can also change the pitch by adjusting the “Pitch” bar.

manage other voiceover properties

Step 6. Export Your Talking Head Video

After making all the selections, you are ready to take your masterpiece out. For that, you can select the “Export” option. Then, you can also adjust the resolution for the final output. Afterward, it takes you to the “My Creations” window to check your AI talking head video.

export final talking head video

Part 3. Where Can a Talking Head Video Be Put To Use?

In the current digital market, animated and whiteboard videos have their worth. However, talking head videos have emerged as the new way to market products. They offer more authenticity and credibility while building connections for your company. Also, these videos help emotionally attach the presenter and the viewer.

As discussed before, you can make explainer videos to deliver your thoughts about a subject or concept. The corporate videos keep employees, customers, and stakeholders attached. Moreover, users can create product review videos to help others understand products or reviews better. Overall, talking head videos are fruitful for marketing, engagement, lead generation, and more.

Tips To Make Professional Talking Head Videos

Learning the right strategy for making talking head videos is essential. A high-quality video helps to deliver a message precisely without distraction. Here are some authentic tips that help you understand how to make talking head videos more interesting and professional:

1. Plan the Script for Your Video

Going anywhere without preparation is always a disaster; the same goes for creating videos. You should make a rough outline with a concise subject. The video's intent should be clear so you can deliver it to the right audience. Also, pre-planning can help to craft a professional script and shoot videos accordingly.

2. Adjust Lighting for a Better View

Lighting plays a pivotal role in shooting videos. So, you should focus on lighting adjustments and clarity. Also, you need to avoid overexposure, harsh shadows, and lousy lighting resources. You can also use natural light that doesn’t throw shadows.

3. Improve Audio Quality

Undoubtedly, audio is half of your content and delivers your message to the audience. Therefore, low audio quality is unacceptable when creating professional talking head videos. Using a camera microphone might not be a good choice as it doesn’t provide high quality. Therefore, you can use a lapel or boom mic to enhance voice quality.

4. Make Your Setup Decent

You can work on your setup to make your videos more professional and exciting. Your environment reflects a picture of the viewers' minds. Making your setup look better is a good strategy for engagement. For this purpose, you can use some visually appealing props in your room.

5. Use Two Cameras or More

You can try shooting videos from different angles with more than one camera. This dynamic video looks interesting to viewers, so they can boost engagement. With this advance, you get more flexibility to adjust each frame. Moreover, you can also use this technique to make your video creative and professional.

6. Make Use of AI Tools

With technological advancement, AI can now help you optimize the quality of these videos. You can use AI tools to create engaging talking head videos. Moreover, these tools even allow you to optimize the content of AI talking head videos.


Throughout this article, we have provided all the essential information about talking head videos. There are dedicated sections to understand all major types and tips to improve your videos. Also, we have introduced a recommended tool—Wondershare Virbo to create high-quality AI talking head videos. Its “Talking Photo” feature allows you to produce magical videos.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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