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[Top List] Best 5 Tools for Creating Talking Avatars

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Avatars have become crucial in many different industries in the last few years. Whether it is customer support or entertaining people, avatars connect businesses with their audience in a better way. As technology gets better, we’re witnessing a remarkable evolution in avatars.

Read this article to learn some free talking avatar makers you can use. Also, we'll explore the finest tool to use this innovative technology while joining in the fun for diverse purposes.

create talking avatars using ai tools
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  1. Recommended: Finest Talking Avatar Creation With Wondershare Virbo
  2. Alternatives: Other Talking Avatar Creator Tools for Enhanced Content

Part 1. Recommended: Finest Talking Avatar Creation With Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo stands out as an exceptional tool for creating talking avatars. It offers a comprehensive solution for crafting high-quality avatars on a single platform. The tool is versatile, showing compatibility with various devices and operating systems. This groundbreaking tool lets you bring your static photo into a dynamic storyteller.

Plus, it lets you add voice clips to your photos to make them interactive. Its talking feature adds emotion, explanation, or personalized messages to your visual content. Users can transform old pictures into captivating stories with personalized voice clips. With the support of a wide range of accents, you can create talking avatars that resonate with the global audience.

Highlighted Features of Wondershare Virbo

  1. The text-to-speech feature converts text into spoken language for smooth
  2. Users can elevate the mood and atmosphere with personalized background music within the Talking Photo feature.
  3. Its versatile AI avatars and clear audio quality ensure that your voiceovers are crisp and clear.

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan:$9.9
  • Essential Yearly Plan:$19.9
  • Pro Yearly Plan:$199

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Talking Photo Feature in Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo ensures a seamless experience for its users in talking avatar creation. The process is as simple as it can customize your talking photos. Follow the below-mentioned detailed steps to use this AI-speaking avatar creator:

Step 1. Download Virbo and Access Its Talking Photo Feature

Begin by downloading and installing this AI talking avatar maker on your devices. Afterward, launch the tool on your system and access its dashboard. Click the “Talking Photo” button among the available options here.

proceed to talking photo tool

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Step 2. Select AI Avatar or Import Your Photo

A mini window will pop up on the screen, allowing you to select from preset images. You can also import the picture by browsing your system. Once you've selected, you'll be directed toward a new window.

add image and create video

Step 3. Generate Script Using AI

Head to the bottom left in the upcoming window and hit the “AI Script” icon. Type the script in the text box and optimize it with AI features. Afterward, press the “Apply” button from the right bottom to use it for talking avatar.

manage script using ai

Step 4. Make Adjustments in Language and Gender

After creating a script, it is time to customize its language. Tap on the “Language” button, which opens a pop-up window. Clicking on the “Language” dropdown menu allows you to choose your preferred language. You can opt for either male or female by choosing the “Gender” dropdown menu. Later, click on the “OK” button to proceed with the process.

change language and gender properties

Step 5. Modify the Voiceover Characteristics and Export the Video

Next, personalize the qualities of voiceover under the language section. Here, you can modify the “Speed,” “Pitch,” and “Volume” as needed. You can preview the video you've customized by tapping on the “Play” icon. Finally, navigate toward the top left corner of the window and press the “Export” button to save it.

adjust other properties and export

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan:$9.9
  • Essential Yearly Plan:$19.9
  • Pro Yearly Plan:$199

Part 2. Alternatives: Other Talking Avatar Creator Tools for Enhanced Content

Previously, we have discussed the best tool to generate talking AI avatars. However, if you want to try out some alternatives to Wondershare Virbo, we have a solution. For this purpose, we’ve enlisted some other talking avatar creators to help you in getting results to your satisfaction:

1. Akool

Akool is a comprehensive generative AI platform available for creators and innovators. Its intuitive features allow users to materialize ideas quickly for diverse marketing and advertising needs. You can upload JPEG and PNG images of less than 30MB for each picture on the tool. Plus, the picture should be clear as it does not detect blurry, overexposure, and side faces.

akool talking avatar tool
  • With film-level quality outputs, it ensures high-quality visuals and videos.
  • The talking avatar creatorachieves up to 8k resolution for pictures and 4k.
  • One problem is that talking avatars can't sound entirely natural yet.

Pricing Plans

  • Professional Plan: $30 per month (600 credits)
  • Studio Plan:$500 per month (12000 credits)

Steps To Create Talking Avatars With Akool

As discussed before, Akool lets its users customize their talking avatars. Let’s discuss the steps to create a talking avatar online for free using this tool:

Step 1. Get the online tool through your preferred web browser and open its homepage. Now, hover over the “Platform” dropdown menu and select the “Talking Photo” feature.

reach out talking photo feature

Step 2. Within the upcoming window, click the “Choose File” button from the center to upload the image. Also, you can choose an example offered by the tool. After making a selection, you can also revert changes.

add or select from example

Step 3. After uploading the picture, head to the “Text” section on the right side and type in the script. Then, under the “Voice” section, make adjustments in gender, language, and speed. Later, preview your generated talking avatar and tap the “Results” at the top right. Finally, the tool will process it and provide you with the final results.

change text and voice in akool

2. Yepic AI

If you also want to create an AI talking avatar, Yepic AI is your go-to preference. You can create a lifelike digital version of yourself with just a headshot. Users can uniquely present their videos by choosing from over 40 preset avatars. It boasts many actors, languages, and voices, with over 450 options available to personalize your avatar.

yepic ai talking avatar tool
  • The tool personalizes every aspect of your videos, from backgrounds and transitions to actors and voices.
  • You can scale and localize your content across different countries, languages, and accents.
  • It offers only 20 video credits per month, and one credit equals a 60s video, limiting extensive use.

Pricing Plans

  • Consumer Plan:£5.75 /month
  • Standard Plan:£24.16/month
  • Plus Plan:£65.83/month
  • Premium Plan:£415.83/month
  • Infinite Plan:£665.83/month

Steps To Create Talking Avatars with Yepic AI

Users can utilize the capabilities of this tool to create talking avatars seamlessly. Here are the steps to carry out the process of making AI-speaking avatars to engage viewers.

Step 1. To start the process, tap the "Get Started" button on the main website page and access the editing window. The tool lets you choose avatars or talking photos within this editing interface.

Step 2. Afterward, in the text box, type your script and hit the “Listen” button. Alternatively, you can upload your voiceover to the tool to make it personalized.

Step 3. Upon uploading the voiceover, select the voice and the desired language for your written words. Then, select the desired background and add shapes to modify the outlook of your talking avatar. Finally, preview the video and download it to share with others.

3. Speechify

Speechify Studio serves as the premier AI Video and AI Voice Platform. This site empowers anyone to create professional videos in just one minute, with no skills required. You can quickly produce captivating content using AI-generated talking faces. It lets you create a talking avatar online for free to save your valuable resources and time.

speechify talking avatar tool
  • Speechify Studio offers a user-friendly interface that makes video production quick and effortless.
  • Users can combine high-quality text-to-speech synthesis with lifelike avatars for an interactive audiovisual experience.
  • The narration of this tool lacks human-like empathy and emotions.

Pricing Plans

Talk to the sales team.

Steps To Create Talking Avatars with Speechify

With Speechify’s intuitive interface, you can easily perform various tasks. In the following section, you’re given the simple steps to create an AI talking avatar using this online tool.

Step 1. First, access the “AI-Generated Talking Face” page from the main interface of Speechify. Proceed by hitting the “Try for Free” button and log in using a Google account. After entering the editing interface, press “Create AI Avatar,” which leads you to a new window.

speechify create ai avatar

Step 2. Now, opt for the desired avatar from a vast library. Upon selecting this avatar, it will appear on the right side of the editing window. Afterward, you can adjust "Avatar Style" and the "Layout" settings.

speechify edit avatar

Import your script from a media file or paste a URL from YouTube. Afterward, choose the voiceover among the available options and preview the video. Once satisfied, tap the “Export” button at the top right to download this from this tool.

speechify voice over

4. HitPaw Online AI Face Animator

This online AI face animator is an easy-to-use AI-based tool that brings your still images to life with animated faces. You can choose from various funny templates to animate your photos with a simple upload and a click. It allows you to add humor and personality to your images. The tool supports JPG, PNG, JPEG, and WEBP formats for pictures and animates them with customization.

hitpaw online talking avatar tool
  • Users can animate various photos, from individual portraits to group shots, with many templates available.
  • It emphasizes safety and security and ensures your photos are protected.
  • Weekly Plan:$0.57/Day
  • Monthly Plan:$0.27/Day
  • Yearly Plan:$0.13/Day

Steps To Create Talking Avatars With HitPaw Online AI Face Animator

HitPaw Online is another online talking avatar maker with a straightforward approach. The following are the steps to animate a photo using this online tool:

Step 1. Visit the tool's official website and access the main user interface. You can place your cursor over the “Photo AI” dropdown menu and click “AI Face Animator.”

open face animator feature hitpaw

Step 2. Next, hit the “Upload Image” button from the left side. This action will move you to the main editing window to create talking avatars.

proceed to upload image in hitpaw

Step 3. Select the “Drag and drop or click to upload image” option from the left panel in the new window. Under the “Choose a Template” section, select the category of style and expression for your uploaded photo. Then, press the “Animate” button at the bottom. Now, you can see your animated image in the middle of the screen after processing.

add image select template and animate

Step 4. Once satisfied with the results, download it on your system. You can save it with the HitPaw logo or as a GIF for fun.

Image name: best-tools-for-creating-talking-avatars-20.jpg

Image alt: download final product from hitpaw

download final product from hitpaw


We conclude that there are various speaking avatar creator platforms with different features. These tools make it easy to create avatars that talk to use for different functions. However, the one that stands out among these options is Wondershare Virbo. You can customize your avatars in just a few clicks on different devices.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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