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Tools That Help You Transcribe Audio to Text Like a Pro

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 03, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Just as there are tools to transcribe text to speech, there are tools that transcribe audio into text. Audio-to-text transcription is required for a variety of reasons, and you need the best possible tool to transcript audio-to-text easily and reliably. Below we delve into top tools to transcribe audio into text and give you the top features of each. Then, we give you a bonus tip.

transcribe audio to text
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    1. VEED.IO
    2. Flixier
    3. Kapwing
    4. Descript
    5. Happy Scribe

Part 1: What is Audio-to-Text Transcription?

Just like TTS is text-to-speech conversion, there is the opposite – audio-to-text conversion. And it is very important to have the right audio-to-text transcription tool with you so that you are able to transcribe audio-to-text reliably and confidently without having to cross-check everything, which defeats the whole purpose.

Need for Audio-to-Text Transcription

Audio-to-text transcription is more common than you might think. A lot of people make voice recordings, that serve as their on-field notes. This is much faster than writing notes, as they can focus on work while talking into their voice recorder, and making notes. This helps them concentrate on what’s before them while making notes on the side. Then, back at their office, they can use a tool to transcribe audio to text and have a ‘written’ copy for all purposes.

Part 2: Selecting The Right Audio to Text Transcription Tool

As you might have gathered by now, transcribing audio to text requires a tool that can understand all kinds of speech and then transcribe audio to text reliably so that we do not have to worry about accurate transcript audio to text of human speech.

Must-have Features

For a reliable audio file-to-text transcription, we need certain features in the transcription tool.

- must have the ability to understand several commonly spoken languages and dialects.

- must have the ability to parse pauses and other speech nuances intelligently.

- must have the ability to accurately reproduce text from audio without errors.

Part 3: Top Tools to Transcribe Voice Recordings to Text

We have scoured the internet and brought back what we believe are the top tools to transcribe audio recordings to text. These tools, while similarly featured, have their differences that might appeal more to some and not to others, so this list is bound to feature something for everyone.

3.1: VEED.IO

veed io audio to text

VEED is one of the best transcript audio-to-text tools in the market today, thanks to its AI-powered audio-to-text conversion technology. Be it any kind of audio (lectures, podcasts, interviews, meetings, etc.), VEED is able to instantly transcribe audio to text with a high degree of accuracy.

What You Will Like

- machine learning algorithms offer contextually relevant transcription.

- features built-in audio and video editor for a high level of customization.

- transcripts can be downloaded in one click.

3.2: Flixier

flixier audio to text conversion tool

Flixier is an audio-to-text transcription tool that works within your web browser. All you need to do is log in, upload your file, transcribe it in one click, and download it to your device! It is a fuss-free, no-nonsense experience that many will like.

What You Will Like

- completely online transcription experience.

- no need to download software to the computer.

- easy, one-click process.

- integration with Zoom to import and transcribe Zoom Cloud meetings.

3.3: Kapwing

kapwing audio to text converter

Kapwing is another famous name in the audio-to-text conversion industry. And it is a feature-rich tool that will be fit for most users. The transcripts generated by Kapwing are downloadable, editable, and accurate thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. And, in a world of subscriptions and regular fees, Kapwing does not require you to subscribe to it.

What You Will Like

- no credit card is required.

- no subscription is required.

- learns from past mistakes and gets better and more accurate with every use.

3.4: Descript

descript audio to text tool

Descript is one of the most accurate audio-to-text converter tools available in the market today. It allows users to transcript text to audio in the minimum number of steps. Several other user-centric features make using Descript a great choice for everyone.

What You Will Like

- support for drag and drop for greater convenience.

- artificial intelligence helps remove filler content and make bulk corrections in one click.

- advanced features such as speaker labels, time codes, and several export formats for convenience.

- harness the power of AI and convert transcripts into blog posts, social media posts and even scripts.

3.5: Happy Scribe

happy scribe audio to text converter

Happy Scribe is one of the best audio-to-text converter tools in the market and has its own large fan following due to its features. Users can transcript audio into text in three simple steps.

What You Will Like

- support for over 140 languages.

- over 45 formats supported.

- free transcription trial of 10 minutes.

Bonus: Convert Text to Speech with Wondershare Virbo TTS Converter Online

Enough talk about audio-to-text transcription! Do you need a tool to convert text to speech instead? Let’s introduce you to Wondershare Virbo - the easiest and most efficient TTS tool that converts text into the most life-like voices ever.

Step 1: Click Text to Speech in Wondershare Virbo online.

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tts in virbo online

Step 2: Provide the text you want to convert to speech.

convert text to speech with virbo online

Step 3: You can choose from several voices, and a voice is pre-selected for convenience. You can also customize speech characteristics such as loudness, pitch, and rate of speech. Then, click Generate Audio. 

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Closing Words

Sound-to-text transcription tools have always been used by professionals to boost productivity and efficiency at work. Today, tools to transcribe audio into text incorporate artificial intelligence and that has become a game-changer. With AI, transcript audio-to-text tools have become more accurate and can more reliably understand and convert audio to text with little to no errors whatsoever. And, if you want an AI-powered tool to convert text to speech, you can use Wondershare Virbo – the fastest, easiest, and most accurate TTS tool in the market with the most real, lifelike AI voices ever.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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