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A Complete Guide to Converting MP4 to PPT

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 08, 24, updated May 31, 24
ppt and mp4

Presentations are a crucial tool in modern business since they’re the most efficient way of conveying a complex message. However, they are not the easiest to work with, and you may not know how to include different data formats in your presentations.

Today, we’ll deal with the process of converting MP4 files to PPT to help you create excellent slides in no time.

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    1. Convert MP4 to PPT With Conversion Software
    1. Convert MP4 to PPT with Online Converters
    2. Convert MP4 to PPT with PowerPoint

Reasons Why You Might Want to Convert MP4 to PPT

There are many situations that would require the conversion process, such as:

  • Improving content quality – by converting your videos into PPT files, you’ll add a unique element to your presentations and make your content more engaging.
  • Integrating multimedia – converting MP4 files to PPT will provide more variety in your presentations, so you’ll surely awe the audience.
  • Storytelling – these elements will bring the audience closer to your content and convey your desired message better.
  • Visual appeal – MP4 files will surely improve the visual appeal and increase engagement with your content.

Different Ways You Can Convert MP4 to PPT

Below are all the methods you can use to make a successful conversion.

1. Convert MP4 to PPT With Conversion Software

Not too many conversion tools support MP4 to PPT conversions since they have different purposes and structures. Instead, you can use a powerful third-party presentation software to add your MP4 file and save it as a PowerPoint presentation. Although it’s not a straightforward conversion process, it’ll do the trick.

Best MP4 to PPT Conversion Software

As mentioned above, you cannot discover a designated solution for converting MP4 to PPT, but we advise you to use Wondershare Presentory to meet your goals. This tool was designed to help you reach your presentation goals and create content using the power of artificial intelligence.

For instance, you can input your theme into the AI box, and the tool will automatically create slide designs according to your needs and preferences. It can also refine the tone of your presentations according to the target audience and make your presentations more engaging.

One of the best parts about this platform is that you can generate images from scratch by elaborating your theme. This will make your content unique and presentable, so we advise you to check it out after converting your MP4 files to PPT.

wondershare presentory logo

How to Convert MP4 to PPT With Wondershare Presentory

The first step to starting your conversion journey is downloading Wondershare Presentory to your desktop device. Head to the official website, download and install the tool, and follow the guide below to convert MP4 to PPT in a few clicks.

Step 1: Open Presentory and click on the Create Video Presentation option.

create video presentation

Step 2: Click on New Project from the top bar.

start new project

Step 3: Now, click on Import>Video and select the MP4 file you want to convert.

import a video

Step 4: Preview the file and click on the Export button from the top bar. Select Export to PowerPoint.

export to powerpoint

Bonus Tip: How To Convert MP4 to PPT and Vice Versa

If you want to convert your presentations to MP4, we advise you to use one of the best tools on the market: Virbo. AI powers this tool, and you can customize your presentation experience before you convert the file. For instance, you can add avatars, change the voices, and access a library of numerous additional features to take your presentations to the next level.

To use the tool, head to the official Virbo website, download the Virbo desktop application, and follow the steps below:

Free Download

safe Download100% safe & secure

Step 1: Open Virbo on your desktop and click on the Create Video option from the top.

create video in virbo

Step 2: Select the video’s orientation.

select the orientation

Step 3: Add your PPT file and click the Create Video button.

add a presentation

Step 4: You can customize your presentation by adding avatars, changing voices, and more.

Step 5: Once you’re ready, click the Export button and save your video.

export the video

The program will automatically save your file as an MP4 document. The process is quick and simple, and you can even add additional elements to your presentations by choosing this method.

  1. Convert MP4 to PPT with Online Converters

You may opt for online converters if you don’t want to download additional tools to your desktop device and simply need a one-time converter for your MP4 to PPT needs. These tools are easily accessible and can convert your files within minutes. Although they’re not as fast as the abovementioned solutions, you can still support your journey and meet the conversion goals.

Best Online MP4 to PPT Converter

Online converters usually don’t provide additional features to help you on the conversion journey. Almost all online converters have the same functions and capabilities, so choosing the ideal online tool may be challenging. The only thing you should look out for is selecting a tool that won’t affect the quality of your files.

One such tool is Convert Helper. It provides many export formats for your files, such as audio, document, presentation, ebook, etc. It’s easy to use, and you won’t have issues navigating your conversion journey.

Converting your MP4 files to PPT will only take three steps with this online conversion tool, providing you with convenience and accessibility. The best part about this solution is that it supports six languages, so you can navigate your journey if you’re outside of the English-speaking region or country.

You can also download a browser extension to maximize efficiency and gain access to faster online MP4 to PPT conversions.

convert helper logo

How to Use Online MP4 to PPT Converters

As previously mentioned, using an online MP4 to PPT like Convert Helper is easy and convenient. You can follow the guide below to learn how to complete this journey and get to the desired PPT file.

Step 1: Open Convert Helper in your browser.

Step 2: Import your file by clicking the Upload button and selecting the file from the library.

upload the mp4 file

Screenshot Source:

Step 3: Hover over the Presentation option and click on PPT as the export format.

select the ppt file format

Step 4: Click the Start Conversion button.

start converting

Step 5: After converting, select where to save the file.

  1. Convert MP4 to PPT with PowerPoint

Lastly, you can convert your MP4 files to PPT using the PowerPoint application on your device. However, this method may be inconvenient and will undoubtedly affect the quality of your videos. If you need a quick fix and don’t care about the video’s quality, you can use this method to reach the file conversion goals.

The tool doesn’t have a built-in converter. Instead, you can import your video to the platform and save it as a PPT file.

Converting your videos with this method is easy; you don’t need special skills or PowerPoint knowledge to learn how to do it. We’ll present a step-by-step guide below to help you on this journey.

How to Convert MP4 to PPT Using Powerpoint

Here’s how to use PowerPoint to convert your files to PPT.

Step 1: Open a PowerPoint presentation and head to the Insert tab. Click on Video.

import video to powerpoint

Step 2: Select the MP4 file from your library.

Step 3: Click on File>Save As to export your video.

file in powerpoint

After completing these steps, your MP4 file will be converted to PPT.

Tips For Converting MP4 to PPT

Although the conversion process should be simple and efficient, we’ve prepared some tips to help you get the best PPT results. You can check out these tips below.

  • Compress large files – sometimes, the conversion tool won’t be able to meet your needs if the file is too large. Moreover, it may lead to corruption or other issues, so compress your files to maximize results.
  • Always have a backup solution – you never know what can happen during the conversion journey. You may end up with broken files, so we advise you to have a backup if things go sideways.
  • Select the proper conversion method for your needs – you can choose one based on your needs and preferences. For instance, to preserve the video’s original quality and improve the details, you should use a desktop solution such as Wondershare UniConverter. On the other hand, if quality isn’t your primary concern, you can use online conversion tools.


Converting your files from MP4 to PPT format can have numerous benefits, depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, you can turn some of your crucial video moments into a presentation and help it reach the target audience. You’re probably here because you’re searching for the proper conversion methods, which was the topic of today’s guide.

We’ve presented three different conversion methods you can try based on your needs, time, and desired results. To get the most out of your journey and access numerous advanced enhancement features, we advise you to use Wondershare Presentory.

It’s an AI-powered tool that will elevate the video quality and deliver the best results.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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