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Everything You Want To Know About Kapwing Video Translation

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Effective communication extends beyond language barriers. As content creators strive for global reach, video translation takes center stage. Kapwing is one such Video Translation tool. It’s a versatile tool designed to bring down linguistic boundaries and elevate the impact of visual storytelling. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of Kapwing, providing an insightful guide on its video translator, usage, and explore an alternative platform that complements or rivals its capabilities. So, join us as we unravel everything you need to know about the Kapwing translate video tool.

In this article
  1. What is Kapwing
  2. How to Use Kapwing Translate Video to Translate A Video
  3. Best Alternative to Kapwing: Wondershare Virbo
  4. Kapwing and Wondershare Virbo: Differences At A Glance

Part 1: What is Kapwing

kapwing video translator tool

Kapwing is an online video editing platform. It lets you create, combine, and edit multimedia content. You can use it for creating videos, managing images, and making GIFs. It offers a wide range of tools and features for customizing visual content, such as video editing, image enhancements, subtitle/transcription generator, Kapwing video translator, meme maker, and much more.

Kapwing has a very user-friendly interface with beginners in mind. That’s why even people with no prior experience in graphics design or video editing can use it seamlessly to create unique content, making it a popular option for social media managers, content creators, and digital marketers alike.

Unique Features of Kapwing

  1. Drag and drop functionality: Working with Kapwing is incredibly simple. Just drag and drop your media into the Kapwing editor and start editing from the browser. No need to download anything.
  2. Excellent customization features: Whether you’re working with text, audio, or video, Kapwing offers a host of customization features such as adding text, text color, size, images and audio, etc.
  3. Add Subtitles and captions: With Kapwing translate you can easily generate captions and subtitles. After that, add them to your videos, making them more engaging.
  4. Excellent video editing tools: Trimming, cropping, filtering, Cutting – Kapwing offers a range of video editing tools that make post-production a real breeze.
  5. Extensive Video format support: Kapwing can work with an extensive range of video file formats, including but not limited to, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, WEBM, GIF, and 3GP.

What is the Kapwing Video Translate Tool

Kapwing has a fantastic instant video translation tool. It uses the latest AI technology to auto-transcribe your content, saving both time and effort. You can also use Kapwing Translate to translate subtitles into 70 languages of the world, helping you reach a global audience. Transcribing is easy with just a few clicks. You can translate video, as well as audio and text. Moreover, you can customize subtitles using fonts, transitions, filters, and animations, and if you want to get the subtitle file to use with a video editor, you can do so as well. Kapwing supports subtitle downloads in SRT, TXT, or VTT file types.

Part 2: How to Use Kapwing Video Translator To Translate A Video

Below is a step-by-step process for the Kapwing translate video tool.

Step 1

– Go to the official Kapwing video translator tool by following the link below:

It takes you directly to the online editor. No need to download any app/software or sign up with your account.

how to use kapwing video translator - step 1
Step 2

- Upload your video by clicking on the box or dragging and dropping your content file. Below is what the Kapwing interface looks like when you upload a video.

how to use kapwing video translator - step 2
Step 3

– Click on the Subtitle option in the top left corner. Kapwing will show a list of transcription options.

Step 4

– Next, select your target language.

how to use kapwing video translator - step 4

For this tutorial, we are translating an English video to Dutch as you can see above.

Step 5

– Click on Auto Subtitle

Kapwing will start automatically translating your video. It may take some time. Longer videos take more time to translate than shorter ones.

Step 6

– Lastly, check final settings

how to use kapwing video translator - step 6

Once you get the translated subtitles, you can add voice dubbing, download the SRT file, further translate these subtitles into other languages, add custom spelling, and do much more using the options in the red box seen above.

That’s all. Pretty easy, right? This is how you use the Kapwing video translator.

Part 3: Best Alternative to Kapwing: Wodnershare Virbo

While Kapwing is a great platform for video editing online, some other platforms provide similar features with better AI tools. One such notable tool is Wondershare Virbo.

wodnershare virbo ai video translator

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Use Virbo to Generate AI Videos or Translate Your Audio/Video Content

Virbo is a fantastic Kapwing alternative that steps it up a notch. With Kapwing you can convert text into professional-grade talking videos in over 300 languages, voices, and dialects. As far as its video translator is concerned, Virbo can easily translate any video into 20+ top languages of the world, including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Hindi among others.

Virbo: Unique Features

Below are some other unique features of Virbo that you don’t easily find in any other AI translation tool.

  • Auto generate script – Eliminates the need to write script manually and ensures consistency.
  • Lip-sync Precision – Provides harmonious and synchronized expressions. [New feature coming soon]
  • AI Cloning Voices – Provides realistic AI voices to inject some emotion into your videos
  • Soundtrack Reserved – To enhance user engagement and make your content more appealing

Use Wondershare Virbo to Translate Videos into Any Language

Let’s learn how to translate video into any language using Wondershare Virbo. You can use Wondershare Virbo in three ways: the online app, the desktop app, and a mobile app with the same set of features.

Using Wondershare Virbo Online

Step 1: On the Wondershare Virbo Online website, start by signing in with a Google/ Facebook/ Twitter account/ Apple ID or your Wondershare Account. If you do not have a Wondershare Account, start by creating a new one.

translate video online with virbo

Step 2: Upload the video you want to translate. Note that your videos are safe. Wondershare does not sell your data. Next, select the original video language and the language you want to translate into (target language). At this point, you can click "Translate this video" to translate the video and save it. However, the next step talks about the advanced features of Virbo.

select target translation language

Step 3: Click Translate this video if you want to translate the video with no further processing. However, Wondershare Virbo comes with some advanced features you might find useful.


virbo online advanced features
  1. If you want to add lip-sync to the translated video, toggle the Lip-sync option. This option uses the power of AI to lip-sync the videos into the translated language! Wow!
  2. The subtitle option can be used to bake the translated subtitles into the video. It works if there are no subtitles in the input video.
  3. Proofread Video Script proofreads the video script to translate the video more accurately.

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Using Wondershare Virbo Desktop App

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Virbo and select Video Translator.

virbo video translator desktop

Step 2: Upload a video to Virbo. Note that there are some limitations to the input video, as mentioned below.

upload video to virbo video translator


Be mindful that your video adheres to the following conditions for best results.

  1. Videos should be minimum 10 seconds and maximum 5 minutes long.
  2. Virbo will translate only authentic human voices.

Check the original language and select the target translation language.

choose target translation language


Wondershare Virbo comes with advanced features that elevate and enhance your video translation experience. Using the power of AI, Wondershare Virbo can be used to translate and add subtitles, too! The voice in the translated languages can also match the lip movements of the video speaker in the original language.

virbo advanced features

Step 3: Click Translate and upon completion, save the video to the computer. That’s all it takes to quickly translate video with Wondershare Virbo!

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Part 4: Kapwing and Wondershare Virbo: Differences At A Glance

Here are the differences between Wondershare Virbo and Kapwing.

FEATURES Kapwing Wondershare Virbo
Easy to Understand Yes Yes
Easy to Use Yes Yes
Add Subtitles Yes Yes
Translate Video Yes Yes
Translate Subtitles Yes Yes
Automatic Script Generation Not Supported Yes
Precise Lip Sync in Translation Not Supported Yes
AI Voice Cloning Not Supported Yes
Reserve Soundtrack Not Supported Yes

As you can see, Kapwing is an excellent tool that anyone would find easy to use and sufficient, but for more demanding and advanced users who need more options and better quality of video translation thanks to advanced features such as lip sync in translated video and keeping background score intact, the winner is undoubtedly Wondershare Virbo.

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As you must have noticed, Kapwing is a very versatile and user-friendly online editor. It provides a range of features and makes content creation a real breeze. Kapwing subtitle translator, in particular, helps make your content suitable for global audiences. But, we have one better alternative - Virbo. Whether you’re creating AI talking videos, translating your video online into different languages, or adding subtitles, Virbo offers a proficient workflow. Thanks to its extensive AI editing features, flexibility of settings, and social media integration, Virbo emerges as a powerful Kapwing alternative for content creators who want to add some extra oomph to their content and reach a wider audience.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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