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Voicemod AI Review: Transforming Your Voice in Real Time

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated May 31, 24

Voice modulation tools like Voicemod AI have become trendy nowadays. With voice-changing software, you can transform your voice into a celebrity, monster, or any other character and prank your friends online. This technology can also be helpful with video narrations and gaming, where you don’t need to reveal your voice. But to achieve that, you must research the best voice modulation program. So, in this post, we want to introduce you to how to use Voicemod AI voices to sound differently on video games, VoIP apps, video narrations, and more. You’ll also know the best alternative to this AI-powered program.

In this article
  1. A Quick Overview of Voicemod AI
  2. Features and Capabilities
  3. Real User Experience
  4. Pricing and Plans
  5. [Bonus Tip] Best Alternative to Voicemod AI - Virbo

Part I. A Quick Overview of Voicemod AI

Voicemod AI is a Windows/Mac program designed to change your voice in real-time. This software packs a range of AI voices to change your persona in your online interactions. With this program, you can sound almost like anything, including monsters, chipmunks, males, females, children, celebrities, and more. Even better, Voicemod has frequent updates with new AI voices.

So, where can you use the AI voices on this program? Voicemod is a pretty flexible program that allows you to achieve quite a lot. That’s because this program will modulate your voice in real-time, allowing you to shake things up on Discord group chats, Skype video calls, Steam gaming sessions, and other applications. You can even use it to create unique YouTube content and carve out your brand.

Part II. Features and Capabilities

You must be asking yourself why we singled out Voicemod AI of all the AI voice modulation programs out there. The thing is that Voicemod comes with special features that can make your voice stand out in the group. Also, this tool is designed to give you a seamless voice-changing session. Let’s look at some of its shining points!

1. Real-time voice modulator

Voicemod allows you to process voices in real-time, making it the ideal software for streaming on Twitch or making fun calls on Zoom. The AI voice generator has been extensively trained by voices from professional actors to give you human-like narrations. You only need to connect your mic to stream content with Voicemod AI voice. We’ll show you how to do that in this guidepost.

2. Extensive variety of voice effects

Voicemod comes with more than 100 voice effects, with this voice-changing software adding more voices with new updates. The massive library of voice effects and sound modification features means you’ll get unlimited experience with Voicemod. It’s one of the few programs that allows you to modify your voices with reverb, pitch, chorus, vocoder, and other customization features.

3. Create custom voices on VoiceLab

You can exploit the VoiceLab tool on your Voicemod Pro account to generate custom voices. With it, you can create voices from scratch by combining different audio effects and processors like reverb, pitch shifter, filter, and more. Once you have made a custom voice, proceed to name it, add an avatar, and add it to the voice control panel. This is an excellent way to create unique voices you cannot find anywhere else.

Below is how to change your voice with Voicemod AI:

Step 1. Install Voicemod on your Windows 7/10/11 PC or Mac computer and run it.

install and run voicemod ai

Step 2. Once you have installed the program successfully, open the sound settings to choose your input and output sound devices.

enter sound settings on voicemod ai

Step 3. Ensure that the Voice Changer toggle at the bottom of the Voicemod home window is enabled.  Then, click the Voicebox tab and choose one of the sound effects. Speak to your microphone to listen, preview, and possibly change the new voice.

choose a voice effect on voicemod ai

Step 4. If the voice is working, head to the application or browser tab where you want to apply the voice effect to start streaming. That’s it!

Note: Remember to select the “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDMI)” on the application on which you’ll stream the sound effect. For example, if you’re using Twitch, click Settings, choose Audio, then select this sound input device.

Part III. Real User Experience

So, what was our user experience with AI Voicemod? To be honest, Voicemod is one of the best if not the best, voice modulator programs. We were impressed by how easily it picks up sounds on our microphone. The range of voice effects and customization options is also impressive, to say the least. And yes, the platform itself looks stylish and modern.

But this program’s main drawback comes from its major strength. Although Voicemod is a feature-rich program, beginners might feel intimidated at first. You may need to follow the developer’s guide to connect your microphone appropriately and customize the sound settings. Overall, Voicemod isn’t for green hands, although it’s fun to use once you get the hang of it.

Part IV. Pricing and Plans

Although Voicemod is free, you must upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all the voice effects and capabilities. Thankfully, the Voicemod subscription plan is one of the most competitive. You can opt for the One-Time Payment at $59.00, although the program often has 50% off for new installations. You can also choose the Annual plan of $23.88 or the 3-month plan of $11.97.

Below are some of the advantages you’ll get with Voicemod Pro:

  • Design your unique voices from scratch with VoiceLab.
  • Unlimited MP3 and WAV audio uploads.
  • Complete Voicebox with 80+ pre-made voice effects.
  • Receive new voices and themed soundboards every month.
  • Unlock all AI voice filters.

voicemod ai pricing

Bonus Tips: Try the Best Alternative to Voicemod AI - Virbo

Voicemod might stand out as one of the best voice-changing software around. But, this program has a few drawbacks, primarily complex usability. Also, Voicemod only works with audio files and live microphone recordings. This begs the question: what if you want to add a voice effect to a video and share it online?

In that case, Wondershare Virbo is the best alternative to Voicemod AI. With this AI-backed desktop program, you can create video templates with 150+ free avatars and 120+ voiceovers. It’s the best tool for creating videos with unique voice effects for digital marketing, online classes, tutorials, and other uses. This tool also supports tens of languages and can convert texts to audio overlays.

Follow these steps to create a video with AI voiceover on Wondershare Virbo:

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare Virbo on your PC, then click the Avatar button. The installation process should take just a few seconds.

choose a virbo avatar

Get Started Online Free Download

Step 2. After choosing a video template, proceed to select the narration language. This program supports English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and more.

select avatar language

Step 3. Next, tap the Audio Scripts button, then choose Online Recording to begin recording live voiceover on your video template. You can also upload a pre-recorded MP3/WAV file or extract audio from MP4.

record a voiceover

Step 4. Preview the video and change the sound effects by choosing a new avatar if needed. If satisfied, tap Export to save your video template with AI voice. That was easy, right?

export ai voiceover

Note: Virbo transforms texts into voice overlays by simply entering your Text Scripts. This makes it an excellent tool to create unique videos if you have voice problems.

Final Words

Now it’s time to try everything you have learned in this guidepost. With Voicemod, you can transform your live voices on multiple gaming and voice apps. However, we advise you to upgrade to the Pro plan to unlock this tool’s full capabilities. And don’t forget to check out Wondershare Virbo to create videos with unique AI voices. Give it a try!

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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