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Best Methods for Converting Google Slides to Videos

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 30, 24, updated May 31, 24
make video presentations from google slides

Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides make creating exciting presentations effortless, as these tools have a wealth of templates and customization features. Yet, most of the time, your presentations will feel like they’re missing something and not engage your audience the way you want them to.

These issues can be resolved by making video presentations from Google Slides, as this form of presenting improves storytelling skills and better affects the audience.

That’s what we’ll show you today. Stay with us to learn how to create animations in Google Slides, convert Google Slides to videos, and elevate your presentations to another level.

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Best Tool for Creating Video Presentations Quickly

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense tool to make your video presentations from Google Slides without a hassle, look no further than Virbo. This robust AI-powered video generator is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and online, and its powerful features can make your presentations a piece of art.

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Here’s a quick guide on converting Google Slides to video with Virbo:

Step 1: Download the Google Slides presentation as a PPT file and launch Wondershare Virbo on your computer.

Step 2: Tap the big Create Video button at the top.

launch virbo and create a video

Step 3: Select your video’s aspect ratio and click the Import PP button.

import your powerpoint presentation

Step 4: Add your presentation file, choose whether to extract the script from PPT or notes, and tap Create Video.

make google powerpoint videos with virbo

Step 5: Once inside Virbo’s video creation tool, you can add your scripts or upload them as an audio file, choose between hundreds of voiceovers and virtual avatars, adjust every aspect of the voice or avatar, use subtitles or just a voice, and more.

customize your google slides video presentation

Step 6: When ready, tap the Export button in the top right corner to export Google Slides to video.

After a minute or two, your presentation will be ready as a video; you can download it as an MP4 file. It’ll have a lifelike-looking AI avatar and realistic-sounding voice, significantly improving your presentation’s storytelling aspect.

How to Convert Google Slides to Video Using a Video Recorder

Another fantastic app you can try is DemoCreator. This robust video recorder from Wondershare has a specialized Video Presentation recording mode, allowing you to pair your exciting presentations with webcam footage, system sounds, and microphone audio. It can create tremendous videos bound to attract your audience’s attention.

Here are the steps to converting Google Slides into video with DemoCreator:

Step 1: Launch the app, tap Video Recorder, and select the Video Presentation mode.

use the app’s video presentation mode

Step 2: Use the buttons in the bottom left corner to adjust your window, layout, size, background, and teleprompter settings.

adjust your presentation settings

Step 3: Adjust your webcam, microphone, and system sound settings in the bottom right corner.

add a webcam or microphone recording

Step 4: Select the Program Window with your Google Slides presentation and tap Start Sharing.

select your google slides presentation

Step 5: Tap the red REC button in the middle to start recording your presentation.

record or stream your presentation
  • You can stream presentations directly to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.;
  • There’s a built-in video editor for improving your presentation recordings before sharing;
  • DemoCreator includes Quick Export and built-in sharing options.
  • Free background selection is limited;
  • The aspect ratio setting has only four options.

How to Convert Google Slides to Video Using PowerPoint

If you prefer Microsoft Office over Google Suite software, you’ll be pleased to learn that PowerPoint can also convert Google Slides into videos. Here’s how you can do it, too:

Step 1: Download your Google Slides presentation as a PPT file.

Step 2: Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer and load your presentation.

Step 3: Head to File > Export > Create a Video.

export the presentation as a video

Step 4: Select the quality, choose whether to use recorded timings or narrations, and adjust the timing between the slides. Then, tap the Create Video button.

Step 5: Choose a location, change its name, and export the Google Slides video presentation.

  • It’s remarkably straightforward;
  • PowerPoint can also make animated GIFs out of your presentations;
  • The app uses your Google Slides presentation’s recorded timings, narrations, and laser pointer gestures.
  • The quality of video presentations from Google Slides is subpar;
  • You can’t adjust individual timing between slides.

How to Convert Google Slides to Video Using an Extension

While Google Slides doesn’t have a built-in method for converting Google Slides to video, there is an extension that can handle the task. Here’s how to get it and use it:

Step 1: Open Google Slides and head to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

open google’s add-on marketplace

Step 2: Look for Creator Studio and download the extension. Tap Install to add it to your collection.

install the creator studio extension

Step 3: Log in with your Google account and give the Creator Studio extension proper access. Tap Done.

Step 4: Launch your presentation and go to Extensions > Creator Studio > Create Video.

create a video with the extension

Step 5: A popup menu will appear on the right side after a few seconds, asking you to adjust settings. Set the output width (resolution), change the interval between slides, and choose the export format.

adjust the video presentation’s settings

Step 6: Tap GO, and when Creator Studio finishes, you can Download or Preview your file by tapping the appropriate buttons next to the output format.

  • The extension lets you do everything in the browser;
  • You can manually adjust the resolution and timing of the Google Slides video presentation;
  • It can make GIFs, image sequences, MP4 videos, and videos with audio.
  • Creator Studio requires additional setup and installation;
  • It’s a paid extension with limited features in the trial version.

How to Convert Google Slides to Video Using an Online Video Manager

For those who prefer to convert Google Slides into videos online, Canva is a great option, as it’s a powerful online video manager with countless customization and editing options. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Download your Google Slides presentation as a PPT file.

Step 2: Go to Canva’s website and tap the Presentation option.

use the presentation option on canva

Step 3: Head to File > Import files > Choose files and select your Google Slides presentation.

import your google slides presentation

Step 4: Tap your Google Slides presentation in Designs and hit Apply all X pages.

Step 5: Hit the Present button in the top right corner and choose the Present and record option.

use the present and record option

Step 6: Tap Next > Go to recording studio.

Step 7: Give Canva access to your camera and microphone and click the Start recording button.

create a video presentation with canva

Step 8: Add your notes in the right sidebar, pause, and resume your recording at the top. Then, tap End recording when you’re done. You can then download the Google Slides video presentation or copy and share the Image name.

  • Canva lets you add webcam footage and microphone audio to your presentation;
  • It’s relatively straightforward to set up and record the presentation;
  • You can manually adjust the timing between each slide when recording.
  • You can’t convert Google Slides into videos without access to webcam and mic;
  • Canva is a freemium product with limited features if you use a free account.

Comparing These Methods for Converting Google Slides to Videos

Now that we know the top five methods for converting Google Slides into videos, we can compare them. That way, you’ll know which tool to use for your specific needs for making video presentations from Google Slides.

Method Quality Effectiveness Ease of Use
Virbo High High – Effortless video presentations from Google Slides with hundreds of AI voices and avatars High
DemoCreator High High – Many customization options and a built-in video editor Medium
Google Slides Low Medium – It requires downloading and installing a paid extension (which has a free trial) High
PowerPoint Low Medium – You can’t adjust the timing between the slides. High
Online Video Manager High Low – You can’t record the presentation without a webcam and microphone. Medium


Presentations have long been vital storytelling elements, and PowerPoint and Google Slides make their creation effortless. However, presentations in which you must manually change slides by clicking can quickly become dull.

That’s where Google Slides video presentations come in, allowing users to bring life to their PPT files and attract their audience’s attention in class or during a business meeting.

Numerous apps, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides’ Creator Studio extension, and Canva, allow you to convert Google Slides into videos.

Wondershare DemoCreator is also a viable option, letting you add webcam footage, microphone audio, and system sounds, change backgrounds and aspect ratio, stream presentations directly to meeting apps, and edit them with the app’s included video editor.

However, the top place undoubtedly goes to Wondershare Virbo. This robust AI-powered app can quickly and efficiently animate your PPT files and convert Google Slides into videos. It also lets you add fantastic virtual avatars, voiceovers, and effects, as its collection of AI templates includes over 300 of these edits.

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FAQs on Converting Google Slides to Videos

  • Can I convert Google Slides into videos?
    Absolutely! While you can’t directly save your presentations as video files, you can download and convert Google Slides to videos with some trickery, like a Google Slides add-on or a dedicated app. Some apps that can convert Google Slides to videos even let you add voiceovers and avatars; Wondershare Virbo is a perfect example.
  • What is the best tool for converting Google Slides to videos?
    While Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides’ Creator Studio extension can quickly convert your PPT files into videos, the best tool for converting Google Slides into videos is undoubtedly Wondershare Virbo. Boasting over 300 AI-powered virtual avatars and voiceovers, Virbo can make your presentations come to life, making them far more attractive to the audience and elevating your storytelling skills.
  • Can Microsoft PowerPoint make a video out of a presentation?
    Yes, PowerPoint has a built-in video creation feature. It allows users to convert Google Slides into videos or make MP4 files from PPTs. However, its customization options are limited, while the quality of Google Slides video presentations could be better. That’s why using Wondershare Virbo is a far better alternative, as you can even add exciting AI avatars and voiceovers with over 300 templates.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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