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5 Best Akbar Subtitle Translation Tools in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 17, 24, updated May 31, 24

In video creation, catering to an audience of different languages can be a challenging task and so introducing a subtitle to your content is a sometimes a must. It’s especially helpful if you can easily translate your subtitles in multiple languages. While it can be an additional step to your video editing process, it can be certainly be worth your time and effort.

To make this happen, you can use online subtitle translators and get this task done in no time. There are many tools available from English to Chinese to Akbar subtitles translator, just to name a few. Stick along and explore the best translation tools you can find for your next project.

In this article
  1. Benefits of Translating English Video Subtitles to Other Languages
  2. 5 Best Subtitle Translator AkbarTools Online
  3. Introducing Virbo for Video Translation Using AI

Part 1. Benefits of Using Online Video Subtitle Translator

You can increase audience reach in many ways such as picking a compelling idea for your video, adding in cool graphics and animations, or introducing popular figures in the cases of films. However, adding in subtitles creates a multilingual content and expands to many people across the globe. You can employ different tools from English, Malay, Polish to Akbar subtitles translators online and get amazing results. Here are some of the benefits on why you should use online subtitle translators:

  • Make videos accessible across different languages: While this is the most obvious one, it remains to be the most important factor to consider. People of different nationalities can easily follow your video's storyline. In addition, they would have a better understanding of the message that you're trying to come across to your audience.
  • Provides cultural sensitivity:Translation not only involves looking for a word equivalent of one language to another. It also includes examining the context, nuances, and grammar culturally appropriate to the target language, which would’ve been otherwise missed or improperly conveyed in another language.
  • Cost-effectiveness of online tools: Translation services employ the services of professional translators. While this is proven to be a reliable option, it can sometimes be more expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper but still good option quality-wise, there are many AI-driven translation tools online with basic to premium features that can provide the same service.

Part 2. 5 Best Akbar Subtitle Translation Tools Online

Traditionally, you will have to hire a group of people and have them manually translate your original subtitles from one language to another. With technological advances, artificial intelligence in particular, subtitle translation has become more accessible for professionals and hobbyists. Additionally, it’s a lesser and faster option, with some tools taking less than an hour to complete the translation.

While there are many tools you can find online, here’s a roundup of the best Akbar subtitle translators you can find online. Zooming in on each tool provides a comprehensive overview, as they may vary in features, accessibility, and value for money.

Akbar - Subtitles Translator

akbar subtitle translator and editor

This online subtitle translator is one of the many projects under Syedgakbar’s website. It allows you to translate your subtitle files easily. You can do single or multiple translations in one transaction. For example, you can translate from English to Urdu or from English to Urdu, Chinese, and Spanish in just one go. This translator is very easy to navigate and with no software installation needed. Simply drop or upload your subtitle file (.srt, .sub, .vtt) to the site, then choose your desired language(s).

The tool uses 5 translation engines which are Google Translate and Yandex for free use, and DeepL, Microsoft Azure, and Open AI ChatGPT for paid translation work. This tool is a good option for those looking for a cheap but reliable subtitle translator. However, some users report that translation for large subtitle files can be too heavy for the tool and may make the processing very slow.


translate subtitles free online subtitle translator

Translate Subtitles is a free online subtitle translator that you can use to translate movies, documentaries, and other videos. With a very easy-to-navigate interface, you can successfully translate from one language to another in less than a minute. The tool has Google Translate as its translation engine which has a variety of 103 languages in its portfolio. You can choose from Arabic to Javanese to Zulu and a wide variety of other languages. However, it only supports .srt files and may not provide an accurate translation. Most Google Translate users report translations not being properly captured, making the translation very direct or robotic.

Subtitle Translator

subtitle translator online subtitle translation tool

For multiple translation work, Subtitle Translator is a free online subtitle translation tool you can try. You can upload up to 20 subtitles and translate up to 80 different languages in 6 different file types (.srt, .vtt, .stl, .sbv, .sub, .ass). Aside from subtitle translation, the tool also has other features you can use for post-translation work. You can convert subtitle files to another format using the subtitle converter feature. In addition, you can also polish your translated subtitles using the Subtitle Editor.

Veed IO

veed online video maker subtitle translation feature

Veed is an online video maker with other video editing aspects. Its subtitle translation feature supports over 100+ languages from Arabic, Japanese, German, and more. With a 95% translation accuracy, Veed is a decent choice for your translation needs. You can try it out for free for only up to a 10-minute video length and 720 export quality. For use of its advanced features though, the tool offers a premium plan subscription from $12/month Basic Plan to $59/month for the Business Plan, and a custom pricing plan for the Enterprise level. Subscription to Veed is more expensive than other tools in the list as it's not only limited to subtitle translation but also allows other access to the tool’s video creation features.

Maestra AI

maestra ai online subtitle translation

Maestra AI is an AI-powered online subtitle translation tool where you can add voiceovers, do automated transcription, and subtitling. Easily upload your video file and choose up to 125+ languages available, enable the auto subtitle generator, edit your subtitles, and be ready to export your file. You can widen your audience reach from Armenian, Arabic, and English, to Uzbek and many more. Use of the tool comes in different pricing plans from Pay as You Go plan for 10/hour best for individuals with lesser workloads to a Premium Subscription of $5/month for those with consistent or heavier workloads.

Part 3. Introducing Virbo for Video Creation using AI for Video Translation Using AI

virbo ai subtitle translator

Get Started Online Free Download

If you’re looking for a tool where you can create, edit, and translate videos at the same time, Virbo is a top choice to do the task. It’s an AI-powered video creation tool with a full suite of AI tools to help you make the best content for your personal or professional needs. What makes Virbo a great choice for video translation? Here are the reasons:

  • Supports 40+ languages: Easily translate your content up to 40+ languages such as English to Urdu, Dutch to Polish, Finnish to English and many others.
virbo ai translation
  • Auto-generate script: With Chat GPT 4.0, conveniently create, expand, or translate your script using AI and save time than manually writing.
virbo ai script generator
  • AI Voices: Using text-to-speech technology, you can easily convert your text to audio, select from Virbo’s 460+ voice styles available in 90+ languages.
virbo ai voicever styles
  • AI Avatars: Virbo has 300+ virtual avatars all equipped natural human voice for better narration. You can also customize and pick the avatar’s gender, attire, and narration style.
virbo ai avatar


In today’s digital era, you can create multilingual content and cater to people all across the globe. With the help of online Akbar subtitle translators like those mentioned in this article, this has become more convenient and accessible to everyone. Understanding what each tool can offer can help you decide which suits best for you, depending on your needs and preferences. However, for your overall video creation needs, easily create amazing videos using Virbo’s AI Avatar and AI Voices, or you can also start by choosing its wide selection of video templates.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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