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Translate Videos Instantly with CapCut (Free & Easy!)

Virbo Originally published Dec 08, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

Adding subtitles is a powerful technique to elevate the quality of your video content. Videos with multilingual subtitles are more engaging and accessible. The Capcut translate allows you to include captions in a language that is appealing to your audience. You may be a content creator or a social media user looking to make your video more understandable. The auto translate CapCut allows you to achieve this and more. In this article, we will talk about CapCut as a video translating tool and how capcut translate subtitles for different audiences.

In this article
  1. Overview of CapCut as a Video Translating Tool
  2. Step-by-Step Guide: Translating Videos with CapCut

Part 1. Overview of CapCut as a Video Translating Tool

CapCut is a video editing software that comes with effective language translation capabilities. The free video editor was developed in 2020 by the same company that created the TikTok app. With an easy-to-use editing feature, the app took a large share of the editing market and is today used by people from all over the world. After all, the large user base of the TikTok app continues to contribute to the growth of the CapCut app.

You can use Capcut to create videos easily, but CapCut translate subtitles quickly and accurately. This makes it a great choice for a variety of uses when it comes to multilingual video captions. With CapCut translate tool, you can convert speed or text from one language to another almost instantly. This makes your videos more accessible and gains a global audience reach.



CapCut is compatible with almost all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Key Features

1. AI-powered language translation from text to speech

Automatically translate your text to any language with a human-like voice to read it for you. The state-of-the-art language translation feature allows you to select from multiple languages and voice artists for accurate translations. Quickly convert your text to human-like speech that appeals to your audience.


2. Unique language translation from speech to text

The speech-to-text translation feature helps you understand foreign languages and makes your content more accessible. CapCut’s robust and powerful AI translation offers exceptional speech-to-text translation. This feature becomes particularly useful when you want to generate captions and make your document or content accessible to foreigners speaking different languages. Once you upload your file to CapCut and select this feature, it will translate speech to any desired language in an accurate and stunning text form.

speech to text

3. Powerful language translator for song lyrics

The speech-to-lyrics translator allows you to create lyrics in your own language. You may have listened to a song in a foreign language and wanted to better understand the lyrics. This feature allows you to create lyrics for a song in your own language. Get to enjoy songs in your own native language or share lyrics to a diverse audience if you are a singer.

translate song lyrics

4. Play and edit subtitles on demand

CapCut allows you to play, delete, and replace substiles as needed. This feature lets you unlock the world of creativity by allowing you to customize video subtitles as needed. You can clear or personalize any part of the subtitles using the readily available library of fonts. You also have access to effects and animations to make your subtitles more appealing. With personalized subtitles, you can take your editing game to new heights, including replacing existing subtitles with your preferred ones.

edit subtitles on demand

Pros of Using CapCut Translate

  • Free online tool that allows users to translate languages on demand
  • Easy to create subtitles in multiple languages
  • Auto detects and translates any language to English, French, Turkish, Arabic, and more
  • Accurate and precise subtitles
  • A user-friendly UI
  • Editing capability saving time and effort
  • Customizable their subtitles to match their brand’s style


  • Not support exporting videos that have a frame rate faster than 60 fps
  • Some glitchy features such as background removal
  • The mobile version does not support landscape mode and lacks a fully-fledged color-grading function

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Part 2. Step-by-Step Guide: Translating Videos with CapCut

Translating videos is crucial for content creators on any platform. It allows you to reach a global audience and overcome language barriers that may be limiting your viewership. With the help of advanced tools like CapCut translate, you can easily auto-translate your videos to ensure accessibility to a broader audience.

using capcut as a translator

Why CapCut Translate

CapCut video editor is a free-to-use and advanced tool for creating great content. The cloud-based editing software offers various video, audio, and image features that simplify the entire editing process. The auto translate feature makes CapCut incredibly convenient to translate videos effortlessly. This also means translating video subtitles for multiple purposes:

  1. Global marketing campaigns: Auto translate CapCut feature empowers users to translate video subtitles for global brand promotion and marketing campaigns. Be able to render more accurate and culturally appropriate captions across your different audiences.
  2. International Conference: CapCut translate allows you to overcome language barriers and communicate more effectively to conference attendees. By auto-generating subtitles in multiple languages, you no longer have to create different videos for each audience. Just select the language that fits well with your current audience.
  3. Education for Special School: CapCut allows users to create subtitles and translate them accurately for online learning. By reflecting the spoken words, subtitles make learning materials more accessible, especially for children with disabilities.

How to Translate Videos with CapCut

The auto translate CapCut feature is quick and easy to use. The CapCut software is designed with the use in mind, offering you a seamless process from uploading to exporting processed files. The following is a summary of the steps to follow when using CapCut translate subtitles feature:

Step 1: Upload Video or Audio

The first step of the CapCut translate process is uploading the video or audio that you want to process. Click on the upload button on the software or online platform to upload the file. You can also drag and drop our media to CapCut or choose one of the available templates to get started.

capcut upload file

Step 2: Translate Language

Once you have uploaded the file you want to translate, Capcut’s auto caption generator will automatically detect the spoken language in your video. To start the translation process, go to Captions and click Auto Caption. Then select generate, and wait for the software to auto-generate subtitles. You can now go to the Translate Interface and select the language you want for your video. Hit the Translate button and CapCut will display the desired language on the screen.

capcut translate language

Step 3: Export and Share Generated Video

Export the translated video effortlessly and share it on social media. You may also choose to download the masterpiece to your device for other uses.

capcut export file

Tips for CapCut Video Translate

Once you have translated and added subtitles to your videos, you will naturally avoid any further edits. This will give it the original feel and help you avoid altering the original view appeal. Other tips you may find helpful include:

  1. Keep it short: After adding the auto-translated subtitles to your video, make sure they are not overly long. This can make them harder for the viewer to read, and some platforms like Instagram or TikTok may cut them off after uploading. Instead, do a manual check and break up any length sentences into something more appropriate.
  2. Keep it Basic: Avoid fonts that might be hard to read, and stick to basic ones like Serif and Classic. This will keep your audience more engaged since they can read through the story.
  3. Be Creative: Adding subtitles to your videos allows you to be more creative. Explore the available effects and styles to make them more fun.


Capcut is a free and highly versatile online video editor. It comes with amazing features and resources for editing videos to reach a global audience. The auto translate CapCut allows you to generate subtitles in multiple languages to access and appeal to more audiences. Using this feature is as easy as uploading your video content and selecting your desired language. CapCut will auto-detect the language in your video and translate it to the desired one.


Virbo Feb 21, 24
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