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How To Auto Translate YouTube Videos Into Different Languages

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Dec 18, 23, updated May 31, 24

Are you looking for how to auto translate YouTube videos? Or are you frustrated with auto translate for YouTube feature? We know, that sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. There are limitations, and depending on your use case, you might be frustrated. Learn how to auto translate YouTube video into your language at the click of a button including the ability to auto translate YouTube video captions and subtitles. Using a third-party auto translate captions YouTube software, you can easily translate videos into a language of your choice and add matching auto translated subtitles.

In this article
  1. How To Translate YouTube Videos Automatically
  2. Limitations of YouTube Auto Translate Feature
  3. Virbo: A Powerful Tool That Translates Accuratelyhot icon
  4. FAQs

Part 1: How To Translate YouTube Videos Automatically

If you don't know YouTube recently launched the auto-translate feature for all videos, you can follow the steps below to translate YouTube video into any language:

Step 1

Go to any YouTube video that you would like to translate.

Step 2

Turn on Closed Captions by clicking on the CC button at the bottom.

youtube auto translate - step 2

Step 3

Can you see the auto-generated closed captions in English? Good!

youtube auto translate - step 3

Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon (as seen above) and click Subtitles/CC.

This will show you all the languages a video is already available in.

Step 4

Go to Auto Translate and select a language.

youtube auto translate - step 4

Step 5

For this example, we are selecting Hindi.

youtube auto translate - step 5

Step 6

As you can see in the screenshot below, subtitles are now auto-translated into Hindi.

youtube auto translate - step 6

That’s all. We hope now you know how auto translate for YouTube works. With this feature, you can translate YouTube video to English, or any other language according to your needs. It’s easy and super helpful for watching content in any language.

Part 2: Limitations of YouTube Auto Translate Feature

Like all good things, auto translate for YouTube captions feature is not without its faults. Below are some of it’s limitations:

  1. While YouTube is slowly rolling out the feature for all languages, automatic captions still don’t support many regional languages
  2. If the video is over an hour in length, YouTube's automatic caption software fails to capture the dialogue in an efficient way.
  3. If the video has a lower audio quality or the dialogue uses a specific word multiple times, it is hard to decipher for the auto-translate AI.
  4. Long periods of silence at the beginning or end of the video can also throw off the software.
  5. If a video has multiple speakers with overlapping dialogue, it can confuse the software and make errors in translation.

Part 3: Virbo: A Powerful Tool That Translates Accurately

Wondershare Virbo has been around for a while. You probably already know it because of its revolutionary feature of creating AI avatar videos. But they recently unveiled another fantastic new feature - AI video translation. You can use it as a language translator for YouTube video content.

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Why Choose Virbo?

Most AI video translators refer only to subtitles for translation. They translate verbatim and leave out the audio lip-synching from the final product. Virbo is different because it utilizes the latest AI advancements to understand the context of a dialogue, giving you highly accurate and precise results. It also matches the lip-synching to give you synchronized talking videos in a different language.  What’s more, you can also set Virbo to proofread the generated text before translation. This removes any unnecessary or repeated words, making your subtitles crisp and concise. You can also download translated subtitles as SRT or TXT files and use them the way you want.

Language Support

Virbo currently supports translation in the following languages:

English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Bengali, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Romanian, Czech, Hindi, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Malay, Slovak, Danish, Tamil, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Burmese, Urdu

How To Use Virbo With YouTube Videos For Auto Translation

If you want to translate YouTube video online with Virbo, there are two ways to proceed, depending on your goal. We will be discussing both of these methods below

Goal 1 - You Want a Translated Synchronized Video

Virbo synchronized video

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For a translated synchronized video, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Virbo on your mobile/PC and then run the software/app(Note: You can also use the Virbo online tool)
  2. On the main page of Virbo, go to the Video Translator tab 
  3. A new window will pop up, asking you to Upload your video. Drag and drop your video content.
  4. When the video finishes uploading, select Original and Translated languages
  5. Pick advanced features like Show Translated Subtitles, Keep original BG Music, etc
  6. Click on the orange Translate button to begin the translation

It will take some time, but the AI Translator Tool will automatically translate and synchronize the translation with the original video. You don’t need to do anything else!

Goal 2: You Want Translated Subtitles for Your Video

Virbo auto translate in action

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if you want translated subtitles of a published video, here’s how to proceed with Virbo:

  1. Upload the video to Virbo and get the subtitles translated as discussed above
  2. Next download the SRT or TXT file.
  3. Now, sign in to your YouTube Studio.
  4. Next select Subtitles, from the left-hand side menu
  5. Click on the video that you would like to add subtitles for.
  6. Tap ADD LANGUAGE and choose your language.
  7. Now, under subtitles, click on ADD to add your translated subtitles to a published YouTube video.

Easy, right? This is how to auto translate YouTube video into your language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions that you might find helpful.

FAQ 1: What to do about videos without subtitles?

For such videos, you can always use Wondershare Virbo to easily add subtitles and translate them into the target language of your choice!

FAQ 2: What to do if I need more accuracy in translated subtitles?

For such cases, Virbo online is the tool that supports proofreading the translated words. It gives you the most accurate subtitles in the language of your choice.

FAQ 3: Any way to permanently enable auto translate for YouTube on every video?

Sign in to YouTube and then, in any YouTube video, click the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the video, click Subtitles/CC, and click Settings. You will be taken to your Playback and Performance settings, where you should tick “Include auto-generated subtitles”.

Virbo auto translate in action

Now, for every video where subtitles are available, YouTube will automatically use subtitles.


In case you didn’t know, YouTube provides an auto translate for YouTube feature for you to use. However, in classic Google fashion, it comes with several limitations. To remove and bypass those limitations, you can use a third-party auto translation YouTube software such as Wondershare Virbo that allows you to auto translate YouTube video into your language including auto translate captions easily on mobile, Windows PC, and even online! Try the best auto translate for YouTube software today and auto translate YouTube video into your language anytime, anywhere on PC, web, and mobile!

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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