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Text to Voice Online Converter Tools [free & paid]

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 24, 24, updated May 31, 24

Reading long texts and articles can be a problem sometimes, especially when you are multitasking. But not finding any solution to this is more problematic. Don’t worry! Nowadays there are many tools available to resolve this issue. These tools are known as text-to-voice converter which can be easily found online. Moreover, these text to voice online converter tools are beneficial for creating more engaging content for business, learning, training, and more.

So, this article is focused on getting amazing tools to make your work easy. Without any delay, let’s jump in and explore!

online text-to-speech converter
In this article
  1. Text to Voice: What it is and how it works?
  2. Types of Text to Voice Tools
  3. 5 Best Text to Voice Online Converter 2024

Part 1: Text to Voice: What it is and how it works?

Text-to-voice is a technology that reads digitally written content aloud. With the help of a text to voice online converter tool or software, you can easily convert digitally written content (whether it is PDF, emails, docs, or any website) into audio. It works with almost every digital device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Thetext to voice online converter tool is an excellent choice if you're a student, a mature reader, a language learner, a multilingual reader, or someone who wants interesting information for business in audio format.

If you are already thinking this is great, then let’s see how this software works.

text-to-speech converter

In text to speech software, computer-generated voice is usually used. Also, voice quality may vary, or sometimes it can sound like a human or child speaking. You can speed up and slow down the reading speed as well. One of the most famous technologies nowadays is optical character recognition (OCR), which allows the tools to read written text aloud from an image. For instance, you can take a picture of a street sign and enter that picture in a text to voice online converter tool, and it will read aloud the words mentioned on the street sign smoothly.

Part 2: Types of Text to Voice Tools

Most probably, many people are not aware of the types of text-to-voice converter tools that are available to them. If so, let’s find the types below:

Web-based tools: Some websites offer reading assistance on-site. While clicking on the reading assistance option, the webpage starts reading aloud. It is quite beneficial for people suffering from dyslexia, or you can opt for a free text to speech online converter.

Built-in text-to-voice: Manydevices, like desktops, laptop computers, digital tablets, and smartphones, have built-in text-to-voice converter tools. It is handy for people who don’t want to purchase special apps and software.

Chrome tools: For Google Chrome, you can opt for Read&Write and Snap&Read Universal as text to voice online converters. Moreover, these tools can work on Chromebooks or any computer with the Chrome browser.

text-to-voice converter

Text-to-voice apps: For digital tablets and smartphones, text-to-voice apps can be a great fit. These apps often provide special features like OCR and text highlighting in different colors.

Text-to-voice software programs: If you have computers and laptops with you, then literacy software programs are good options for you to convert text to voice. You can use Microsoft’s Immersive Reader tool, OneNote, and Word to convert text into voice.

Part 3: 5 Best Text to Voice Online Converter 2024

As you are already familiar with the types of text to voice converter tools, we have shared the best text to voice online converter tools with their features, so you can easily choose which suits your needs.

  1. Wondershare Virbo

If you are thinking of creating AI avatar audio content by entering just simple text content, then Wondershare Virbo is recommended. Because it is an amazing tool which not only provides you a flawless work but also saves your time. With a wide range of natural AI voices and multi-national AI avatars, you can get an enhanced AI voice with AI avatars.

This text to voice online converter also offers to change the speed and pitch of the voice as per your need to make your work hassle-free. Moreover, it works on Windows and Macs, so you don’t have to worry about which device should be used to work on it.

text-to-speech online converter

Let’s discuss its key features so you will learn more about it.

Key Features of Wondershare Virbo:

  • Provides you with an option to change English written text in other languages.
  • It offers customization of AI avatars with different tones, attire, and genders to enhance your text-to-voice experience.
  • Provides clear audio quality.
  • You can optimize any kind of text with an AI script.
  • Comes with more than 300 voices and languages.
  • A cross-platform where you can create high-quality engaging audio content in a shorter time.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The only disadvantage is that it has limited features in the free version.


  • Free-trial available.
  • The monthly plan costs US $9.99.
  • Yearly plan-Essential costs US $19.9.
  • Yearly plan-Pro costs US $199.

Now as we have discussed its extra-ordinary features, you must be wondering how to use Wondershare Virbo which distinguishes itself best among the other online tools available.

So, we are mentioning the detailed steps below so that you can use this tool hassle-free:

  • Step 1: Get in Wondershare Virbo's website and click Product, Virbo Online and then click Generate AI Video Free.After that, click on the Text to Speech
  • wondershare virbo converter
  • Step 2: Enter text in the “Text Script.” Here, you can change speed, pitch, and volume as per your needs.
  • virbo text-to-voice converter
  • Step 3: Click on the Generate audio button at the bottom right corner of the window. After the export process is done, you can easily listen to your audio with an AI avatar.
  • virbo text-to-speech converter is one of the best easy-to-use text to voice online converter tools. So, you can create engaging voiceovers in a few minutes from scratch. It provides collaborative editing environments where multiple users text to generate the best possible speech.

    murf text-to-voice converter

    Key Features of

    • Efficient at creating high-quality audio content in a matter of seconds.
    • It allows users to customize the voice parameters, such as pitch, speed, pauses, and pronunciation, to create a more personalized voice.
    • To export audio, you can use formats like .mp3, .wav, and .flac.
    • Offers over 120 natural-sounding voices.
    • Supports more than 20 languages for text-to-speech conversion.
    • The free version is available.
    • Its free version offers limited features.


    • The creator plan comes with US $23/month.
    • The business plan costs US $79/month.
    • Customized plan for the enterprise.


    You must go with Speechify as a text to voice online converter tool if you don’t like to write a lot to get audio because it offers to input different formats like PDF, Docs, and articles to get a conversion to voice in a shorter time. Moreover, you can change the accent of the voiceover as well as increase or slow down the reading speed.

    speechify online converter

    Key Features of Speechify:

    • With Speechify, you can easily read webpages aloud.
    • It provides a library for saving documents for cross-device listening.
    • With optical character recognition (OCR), you can add any picture of text, and it will read it aloud.
    • Use in multiple ways because it works via Chrome extension, desktop, and iOS/Android apps.
    • Supports over 29 languages to convert text to voice.
    • It provides high-quality, natural-sounding voices.
    • Quite expensive compared to other text-to-speech converter tools.


    • A free trial is available.
    • Speechify premium costs $139/year.

    If you are looking for an AI voice generator, then you can opt for, which offers realistic voices and customized options. It not only offers languages and accents but also provides tones that affect how the voice sounds.

    lovo text-to-speech converter

    Key Features of Lovo:

    • Creates high-quality voiceovers with the help of advanced AI technology.
    • Allows users to convert written content into natural-sounding speech with ease.
    • Users can customize their voiceovers by adding pauses, adjusting speed, and editing time to match their audio content.
    • A 14-day text to speech free online converter.
    • It offers more than 20 premium voices, of which three are emotional.
    • The pricing plans are quite expensive.
    • For free and basic versions, priority customer support is not available.


    • The basic plan costs $24/month.
    • The cost of the Pro plan is $48/month.
    • The Pro Plus plan costs $149/month.


    WordTalk is a text-to-voice plug-in that works on Microsoft Word on Windows PCs only. This service is beneficial to people who have reading and writing difficulties. Moreover, there is no cap on the number of words it can read because it is not-for-profit software.

    wordtalk plug-in

    Key Features of WordTalk:

    • You can change voice as well as speed.
    • It speaks entire words, paragraphs, and documents.
    • You can convert text to speech in WAV and mp3 formats.
    • Highlights the word while it speaks.
    • With the help of a talking dictionary, you can determine the spelling of a word.
    • It doesn’t work on Macs.


    • Free plug-in for Microsoft Word.


    Wind it up! Hope this article will help you choose the best text to voice online convertertool as per your needs. If you simply want to convert written content into voice, then you can opt for useful and free tools. But if you want a tool that is a complete solution to your audio needs to create amazing content, then you must try Wondershare Virbo. You can opt for its free trial before getting its subscription.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just go through and explore!

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    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 31, 24
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